January 28, 2008

My Motivating Factor - "I will Graduate"

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Im just so inspired to write this post after reading the entry of Jopals. I remember the hardships I've had from a working student until now.

"I will graduate" is a sentence that serves as my motivating factor.

By hook or by crook, I will do my best just to graduate. I am no longer aspiring if i could make this sem to the honor's list because I'm having a hard time with our thesis but I am hoping. Last sem nalang sana. I'm having difficulty with our thesis to tell you honestly. I don't have a computer and I have to bear with the snail like computer with 12 gig hard disk and 256 memory. Imagine that?

I don't have like any choice you know. I was planning to use the enterprise edition of Microsoft Visual C# but the only option I have is to use the express. I was planning to use Microsoft SQL but it would only make the computer "hang" so I am forced to use Microsoft Access.

I have already disturbed a lot of people asking help. I hope they will still entertain me. I have become so irritating to them already especially to our one new consultant. We have three consultants actually.

Asking about our system? The windows application - still no reports and error checking. The SMS based still on reading, deleting and sending - still not furnish! I don't know what will I do! If I will install a crystal report software it would probably make the computer run slower. Our consultant told me to use the reporting capabilities of Access but I still don't know it. Gosshhh

But I am positive, we can do it! If Naruto never gives up of becoming a Hokage someday. I will never give up too.
January 19, 2008

Cruel Intentions

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Cruel Intentions

I was able to buy a VCD of this movie (Cruel Intentions) because a music store in a certain mall here in our place have a sale and I got it for only P35. Its original by the way. I promised myself not to buy pirated CD's anymore.

Anways, this movie was a bit old. I was only high school that time when it was first shown on the big screen. I was not able to watch it because I am studying in an exclusive school and we are not allowed to watch movies like this but this movie is not x-rated. 

January 11, 2008

Teardrops on my guitar

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It is always good to listen to music especially on songs that pierce straight to our hearts. Just like the song, "Teardrops on my Guitar". A song where I always listen on my favorite radio station - Killer Bee!!! I could relate well especially on the chorus part just nevermind the car because I don't have one. Hehehehehhe...Hayyy, pagkamingaw sa payag.

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