I am AlRitch and I am an Information Technology graduate and a work from home breadwinner. I am not a professional writer or blogger but I love to blog especially when the mood strikes. 

I have been blogging since college days. I was inspired by my former teacher (Sir Gajo) that's why I decided to put-up my own blog and make money from blogging. I was able to help my family, support my studies and buy my first computer (a desktop) out from it.

When I graduated college, I was still obsessed with blogging that I attempted to make this a full-time career. But it only lasted for 5 months because my way to make money from blogging was only through writing sponsored posts or articles. So I decided to apply for an office work. But it was very hard also because my salary was a bit low and I only have a little left for my family. Though the experience was REALLY great but I needed to find a greener pasture.

When an opportunity comes (of being able to work from home aside from blogging), I immediately grab it. And I have been a Freelance Professional for more than 10 years now. Yay! My biggest investment so far is our house. This is our long time dream for more than 20 years of renting.

I believe working from home is perfect for me because my family needs me to be at home. My mother is already a senior citizen and a stroke patient, and my father and brother have an illness too. So someday if I get married, I still can attend to my children and at the same time support my family and help my future husband. :)

That's all for now and have a great day!

Sincerely yours,
AlRitch :)

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