February 25, 2007

So Happy!

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11 Reasons to explain my title:

1. I was able to regain my status here in Blogger that showed i have been blogging since October 2005. Remember I deleted my 5 blogs and started from scratch because of my Katangahan at Maling Akala dated September 2006? Although profile has been changed what is important is the status. I can now transfer my entries also.

2. The article we have submitted to TCI (our school paper) was accepted and it was already published. I've got an ample copies of the school paper as a remembrance. It was my first because when i was in high school we never had this. I never thought it will be accepted because i don't have any formal trainings or have not been to any seminars in writing.

3. The ITE Department has planned to have our own magazine. We already have the editorial's board and i was elected as the Managing Editor. It makes my career as a frustrated writer become brighter. Too many articles are in due but its okay. I used to hate English before but now I'm lovin' it.

February 02, 2007

I'm back!

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Whew! Nearly a month since my last post. I am still here.

I've been sick and paranoid thinking that the illnesses that I have maybe the effect when I was bitten by the dog
. I was absent for a couple of days during the 1st week of the class. After a week, I was absent again for more than 7 days due to that illnesses.

I was suffering from a multiple health problems such as on and off fever, severe headache, colds, tonsilittis, severe joint and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting. I was thinking that I may become a dog because of those illnesses. That they were the manifestations that I was transforming into an another creature. What a weird thought?

Now, I am quite okay. I was welcomed with so much love and concern. Thank you guys, especially to those who texted me. I appreciate it a lot.

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