The Intimate/Lover - Great Korean Movie!

This is not the Lovers, a Korean Drama that is airing now on ABS-CBN but this is a different and great movie intended for mature audiences which I've watched on Crunchyroll few nights ago. I put emphasis on mature audiences because you might be shocked on those amazing s** scenes. I believe they are apt for the movie. In short, they give justification to the storyline.

The movie is quite the same with Before Sunrise but this one is not draggy instead Lover is so hot and exciting. I am not sure if they have based the story on Before Sunrise but according to my friend from Video City the part 2 of it is the one that is worth to watch than the part 1. Lover is the perfect sum of the two episodes of Before Sunrise?

I am fond of using anyways so let me use it one more time for this post.

Anyways, if you are sick of those other baduy movies you might give this one a big try. I'm pretty sure you will definitely enjoy this movie. By the way, here is the interesting summary of this movie taken from Crunchyroll.

Ms. Girl has never taken a dangerous risk in her life. She has been for seven years and is going to get married next month.

One day she meets a handsome stranger, who asked her to spend one day with him. It might be a mistake to accept his proposal, but over the next day she will experience a level of excitement and intimacy that she has never experienced before.

And this could change her life all of sudden.

I give Lover 9.8/10! To learn more about this movie, you can visit this link. One line I will never forget from this movie and I don't know if you will believe on it. They said, if two people are so inlove with each other they better remain as lovers. Would you agree? Hmmnn...You better watch Lover so that you will know what are the reasons of Ms. Girl for saying it.


  1. i saw this one but it was titled Intimate in the pirated dvd that i bought :) yes the scenes were pretty shocking and i don't quite agree with the girl's reasons when she left the guy

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