June 29, 2011

A Spectacular Event – Scouting for Girls, Live at Epsom Downs

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Scouting for Girls

Nominated for Best British Single this year, Scouting for Girls, the unique British indie-pop band put together by three former school friends, has already secured its place in the music scene. In the six short years since they were formed, they have sold over one million albums and one-and-a- half million singles worldwide. Hits include ‘She’s So Lovely’ and ‘Heartbeat’, and their biggest hit to date, ‘This Ain’t a Love Song’ was number one in the UK charts last year. They are a force to be reckoned with, and are popular amongst many age groups for their unique sound and their professionalism.

Scouting for Girls have headlined at many an event, and performed internationally, too, and this year they can be seen, live, at the Epsom Live! Music Nights performance on Thursday 14th July. Judging by past performances it will be a sell-out event, following on from their successful UK Arena tour in April. No doubt their loyal fans, known as the Wolfcubs, will be hoping to secure as many tickets to this live event as they can.

The venue could not be better. Epsom Downs is ranked a grade 1 racecourse, and is famous throughout the world, not only for first class racing, but also for the many other events it can host in its excellent facilities, from weddings to conferences. Famous races held there include the Epsom Derby, the Coronation Cup, and the Epsom Oaks. On race days it boasts a unique and exciting atmosphere, and at their Live! Music Nights the atmosphere is just as electric.

Scouting for Girls and Epsom Downs Racecourse are the perfect combination for anyone who values great music performed in great venues. This live event, held on a summer’s evening in July, will not fail to deliver all its promises, and no fan will go away disappointed. Don’t delay and pick up your Scouting For Girls tickets today!

June 23, 2011

Blogger Free Tool - Convert Blogs into Iphone Apps

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Hey blogger friends, got some good news for you! If you haven't heard of this or haven't tried this then read on. This is about a new innovative tool that converts your blog into Iphone app and guess what, it's for FREE!  Hehehe...

This blogger free tool is called Bloapp and it uses QR code technology for adding blogs which makes your blog literally snap away from your readers.  Because your blogs can now be accessible anywhere through your readers smart phones. All they have to do is download Bloapp on Apple Appstore to view their favorite blogs and as for you blogger, it's just easy as 1, 2, 3 also - see screenshot below.

Bloapp, Iphone App

Interested or want to learn more about this cool app? Then visit http://www.blogapp.com now!
June 05, 2011

Dress to Impress with Lacoste

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Lacoste is an apparel dressing company of French origin. Its products ranges from clothing, leather merchandises, perfumes, footwear and its famous merchandise, tennis shirts. Together with Andre Gillier, the proprietor of the major producing knit wear products in France, Rene Lacoste formed La Chemise Lacoste. This company is the forerunner of the now famous ground-breaking tennis apparel which was originally designed by Lacoste himself. It is noteworthy to know that Rene Lacoste himself is a famous tennis player and an athletic fanatic. Dislike of the traditional tennis shirts is the reason why he re-invented tennis apparel.

Lacoste, Lacoste Fashion
The Lacoste Logo is a Crocodile and it stemmed from the wager he had with the captain of the French Davis Cup Team, whom promised him a crocodile casing suitcase if he won a bout that was the subject of the bet. It was a friend of Rene Lacoste in the name of Robert George, who sketched a crocodile that was used on the design on his blazer which he consistently displayed on court.

All the designs produced by Lacoste shows excellent hemmed designs and form defining top quality and durability. The fact that Lacoste products present itself with a considerable price is commensurate with the top of the line products. Found anywhere in the globe, Lacoste also made itself easily available to its customers via online websites making it available readily at your door. Selecting via online website is made easy by making all sizes and options available.

Today, Lacoste is heading towards innovation and change with its new fashion designer, Christophe Lemaire. He started revamping and controlling the clothing sketches and designs making Lacoste supremely controlling the commercial market. Transcending the common and traditional notion of commonality, Lacoste imprints itself by displaying simplicity is not simply a barren box of designs but continues line of authentic and original innovations.
June 05, 2011


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Coming from a poor family in the Philippines, we don't have the luxury of travelling. When it's holiday or no school, we would just stay home and play or if not find something that we could do to earn like my brothers would sell ice drop, “balot” or ride a “trisikad” (another mode of transportation using a bicycle or three-wheelers). So as much as I desire to travel we don't have any money to do that.

But when I started working, I've been able to realize some of my dreams already. Just like two years ago, my friends and I had our self drive holidays in our trip to Mati and Iloilo. And after 27 years also, I experienced my first airplane ride when I visited my high school alma mater in Cebu - an experience that I truly cherish. In fact, I still have the receipts and forms of the said travel. My mother saved hers too. 

USA, America, USAside from traveling here in our country, it is also my dream to travel abroad. And I wish to go and travel in Japan, France and also USA Tours. The said countries are just my favorites and I'm fascinated with these places.

- I want to go to Japan to see sakura (cherry blossoms), castles, temples, shrines and meet people behind the famous anime Naruto. I'm such a huge fan.

- I want to go to France to see  the Eiffel Tower. Paris is a city of lovers and it would definitely be great if I am with a special someone when I'll be there someday. Hehe.

And last but not the least I want to go to the US. It's just freakin' awesome to be in the most popular country in the world. Many people go there and Las Vegas Holidays would be my first stop. They say Las Vegas night life would blow your mind and I want to try it. 

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