May 23, 2012

5 Useful Sites That Can Save You Time and Money

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The current situation of the world economy has pushed companies and individuals to save on the money spent on any service. As a result of this, online sources have shown ways in order to address such needs through useful tools which could be of help to various entities.

Among the many sites which offer discounts on purchases like Groupon, Living Social and a lot more. Often, people who wish to get big discounts and best deals get to visit such sort of sites. But there are more sites which could help you save some money on your operations. Below are five good sites you can use for your convenience.

Employee Management and Communication Service sites have flooded the internet. This answers the need of the company to make the monitoring easy as well as strengthen the communication between employees and unit heads in order to catch up with the market competition. But usually, these sites would tend to charge so much from the companies and subscribing to such services would only mean added expenses.

Bitrix24 comes as a solution to such problem. For businesses with 12 employees or less, this site offers a basic free package. Yes, this site offers free service for 12 and less employees along with a fully functional CRM, activity streaming where every team member gets updates as events unfold. Also included are some freebies such as calendars, activity planners, sales funnels and a lot more of other features. If incase a company exceeds the allowed number for the free package, Bitrix24 can give the best price of $99.00 per month as service cost.

May 08, 2012

Get the Benefit of Savings from Staple Coupons

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At the early stage of recession in America, some wondered upon seeing a plain housewife coming out of the grocery store bringing a big bunch of commodities. The lady then confesses she has got all those items with a price cut at around 20 to 30 percent of the total amount. 

The woman is just one of the hundreds of people who never had second thoughts of availing from the benefit of discount coupons in order to save a good amount of money. These promotional practices of the stores not only help people in saving their money but in return to their companies, they get to have high popularity ratings compared to as part of the results. At this modern and technology-driven age, the strategy has now evolved into a computerized version. All the consumers have to do was to log-in to a site like the as it offers several promo coupons. It can be recalled that during the past decades when computers were not yet that popular, coupons can be found by the consumers on printed publications such as the dailies, magazines and company product brochures. Also, not all companies at that time were getting their feet going into such kind of marketing plan yet in the later years, became a trend. 

As with the process regarding these promos, at its beginning and until now, season and holiday-based are being watched for by consumers in the local scene. During these times, consumers need to cut the coupons from the materials then present it upon payment of purchases. So in short, people would need to purchase printed materials first before they could avail of the promos. Regarding the present promos like that of staples coupons at, some would require consumers to print a copy or just simply present the exact coupon code upon checkout of items to be purchased.

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