March 14, 2015

Use Movavi Video Editor To Add Audio To Your Web Designing VideoTutorial

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A proper website design is one of the main keys to ensure a successful experience with a business website online. The virtual business scene features strong competition and hence one must be equipped with catchy design and informative pulling content. Are you an expert web designer who loves to help aspiring designers with pro site designing video tutorials? That’s great but it would be really wonderful if you can add your recorded voiceover to your web designing video tutorial. It might be background music too. Now, you must be wondering that how to add music to a video? Movavi Video Editor would be really helpful here and here is a brief on how to work with it.

Download and Install Movavi Video Editor

Download the Movavi software & install it in PC according to installation instructions. It is really simple to operate the Movavi Video Editor. Moreover, is an internationally acclaimed brand and hence you can be assured of a high end performance from the Movavi program.

Add video and audio files

In the 2nd step you will add the make-up tutorial video file & audio file to the installed Movavi Video Editor. Move to Add Media Files to open the required audio & video files. Go to Media, drag the required files and bring them on particular timeline tracks. You will get separate tracks designated for videos & audios. There will be a music icon on audio track.

Make adjustments to audio file

If your audio track does not match up with video length, you would have to edit your sound file and with Movavi, you would be able to customize sound file easily. If your sound file is lengthier to video, use red marker where the video file ends. Go for Split clip here. If video file is longer to audio, double up sound file.

Save the file

Now, it’s time to finally save the edited web designing video tutorial (with your voiceover or background music) in your computer. Click on the Save Movie section, select “Save as Video File” and save the file in preferred format.  Movavi video editing software supports any major media version such as MP4, FLAC etc. and all famous mobile phone makes.

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