October 20, 2006

1st semester journey is over

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Thank God!

My first semester as a 3rd year student is over! Yeheey! After those numerous sleepless nights I can now relax and go to the beach and do the things that I've been wanting to do.

Well, the journey that I have had was kinda tough. The trials that were given distressed and bothered me. The injustices that I had experienced, the insults that I received, the broken relationships and the constant problem in the family and in my studies. It made me suffer so much and I was about to give up that time.

And I am just so thankful for the people who stood by me during the crucial part of my life especially to Leizl, Asvi, Mona, Joy, to the one I consider my mentor, to our Dean of College who gave me those enlightening words that lighten up the burden I am carrying. I don't know how will I thank you all guys for the support you have given me, for accepting me and for not judging me.

Hope you will all remain the same as time flies.

To my ever loving Mother who always give her 100% support in everything that I do, in my ups and downs. And more importantly to the the author of my life.
A million thanks.

Hay, sana maganda ang mga grades ko sa first sem. [oist, kalit ning far out man ang topic wala lang, medyo anxious lang kasi ako sa kalalabasan ng performance ko. Sana, sana, sana. Alam na niya iyon.]

October 06, 2006

Ang hirap

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Sadyang napakahirap ng pakiramdam ko ngayon. May sakit pa ako at sabay-sabay pa silang nagsidatingan. Ubo, sip-on, sakit sa ulo, tuhod, sakit sa lalamunan at ni hindi ako makakain ng maayos at nahihirapan akong magsalita, at dinagdagan pa ng pagkarami-raming problema mula sa bahay hanggang sa paaralan.

Hirap na hirap kami ngayon. Ang daming utang na nakabaon at ang hirap hukayin. Daming gastusin, daming nagkakasakit. Parati pa ang ulan, iyan tuloy hindi ako makatulog ng maayos dahil sa mga patak ng ulan na nag-iistorbo sa akin sa mumunti kong panahon na makapagpahinga. Dagdagan paba naman ng problema sa pag-aaral kagaya ng mga proyekto, sa mga guro, klasmyts at kung anu-ano pa. Tulong!!! Sadyang kay hirap ng buhay na ganito.

October 04, 2006

I will still eat Durian

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Jurry was asking me a favor if I could help him out with his research and with no hesitation I said "yes". Sideline narin and he promised me that he will treat me with durian on our way home. With my other companions we ate 3 kinds of Durians namely GD, puyat and duyaya. At first, he only ordered 1 durian fruit but we were still not full so Arnold and him decided to get another two. At the back of my mind I was saying "dapat daghan jud akong kuhaon ani, magpatuyang jud ko" but unfortunately, I felt strange after eating 6 pieces of them.

I began to feel the heat, a pressure is moving towards my head and I feel a reeling sensation that as if I am drank. As I was looking at the two guys their face began to appear red. We even cracked joke at each other to get a bottle of Redhorse to complement the Durian and the result - -> a disaster! Puking, puking, puking, walking in sideward directions. Good thing, we surrendered and gave the rest of the durians to the kids watching while we were eating.

October 04, 2006

organizational behavior concerns

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Feel free to share your ideas, it will be highly appreciated.
Choose whatever you wish to answer or you can answer them all.

1. Do you think behavior is generally predictable?

2. "Heredity determines personality". Would you agree?

3. Thirty five years ago, young employees we hired were ambitious, conscientious, hardworking and honest. Today's young workers don't have the same values. Do you agree or disagree with this manager's comments?

4. What do you think are the factors that constitutes a good decision from a poor one?

5. Based on your knowledge and experience, do you think performance is the criterion most used in practice in compensating employees?

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