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So Happy!

11 Reasons to explain my title:

1. I was able to regain my status here in Blogger that showed i have been blogging since October 2005. Remember I deleted my 5 blogs and started from scratch because of my Katangahan at Maling Akala dated September 2006? Although profile has been changed what is important is the status. I can now transfer my entries also.

2. The article we have submitted to TCI (our school paper) was accepted and it was already published. I've got an ample copies of the school paper as a remembrance. It was my first because when i was in high school we never had this. I never thought it will be accepted because i don't have any formal trainings or have not been to any seminars in writing.

3. The ITE Department has planned to have our own magazine. We already have the editorial's board and i was elected as the Managing Editor. It makes my career as a frustrated writer become brighter. Too many articles are in due but its okay. I used to hate English before but now I'm lovin' it.

4. I won in the competition for the "Fastest Typist" in the recently concluded ITE Festival. I've been wanting to have this title ever since I was in high school during our typing class but unfortunately our teacher resigned in the middle of the semester that's why i was not able to test my skill. The competition was quite a challenge to me since it is not purely typing but also requires presentation skills.

A few of my friends gave me a prank and i couldn't hide the sudden change of facial expression.
It always made me smile everytime i remember it.
Guys, you know who you are ha! Goodness, it was just a joke.
Bad talaga kayo ha! hehehehehehe ~ joke lang

5. We also won in the MTV Spoof during the ITE Night which was part of the festival and take note, champion ha. The 2 nights of not enough sleep mixing the song has been paid off with a good bonus that it taught me how to mix songs using Cool Edit Pro (thanks to Archie for always allowing me to use his computer). I was the lead star and it was also my concept. We made the crowd go crazy! (Meron bang nagvideo 'nung MTV spoof?)

6. We won as the 1st runner up in the 3 on 3 Volleyball Competition. Kami sana champion kasi dapat disqualified sila kasi all guys sila dapat may girl pero okay lang, humihirit pa kmo ako?. I thank Demetz and DA for their support to me. These two guys are really awesome!

7. I was able to debit my accounts payable because of the cash prizes I've received in the competitions where I won.

8. Even though I didn't win in MS Paint also our team in the Quizbowl, I was not able to join in the programming and Technographics and was not able to pursue the modern dance it is still okay for me because there is always a next time. Next year, watch out for me because I will start preparing now (char oi).

9. Someone never fails to give me something, as if she knows what are my needs. Alam niyang nasira na ang sapatos ko. Thank you for the new school shoes S. Berns. I like it very much.

10. Two people have surprisingly touched my heart during the ITE Festival. I will not just mention their names. Thank you for showing you care for me guys, i never expected it. The two of you have been so amazing as i know you better.

Above all, for the one who always have the best reason and explanation in every little and big things that has been happening around us...Thank you.


  1. waw. andami mong accomplishments. congrats. :D

  2. grabe ka alma, ikaw na jud! dapat naa pa ka award na most active student dapat kay grabe powr kaau ka.. ei .. congrats pala, ur such an amazing person, so very talented and skillful... bow na jud mi sa imo.... labzzzu

  3. @camille: Nasuwertehan lang. Hehehhehe...

    @araphoenix: Nanginahanglan lang jud ug kwarta mao ng ingon ana. Sayang dili nako maaccomodate tanan event kay nagsabay-sbay. [charuz!]

    Lamat sa inyo duha ha!

  4. mutli tasking jud ka alms....congrats....

  5. wow!you really do have many reasons to be happy and celebrate! :-) why don't you post that article that got published in your school paper?
    uy adto ta sa Davao Bloggers Party sa March 17, kabalo namo ato? more details here

  6. @grace: salamat..hehehehe. Thank you for the support durign the ITE festival ha.

    @raine: lamat pud. Dili ko sure, makaadto sa davao bloggers party kay waz ko kwarta. Purdoy au ko. Maulaw ko magpost sa article..hehehehe, dili bitaw, siguro one of these days...


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