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so much to blog

I have so much to blog about the things that had happened to me for this month but I just can't find time to write. Busy and No Computer to use. Besides, I don't want to spend my money going to internet cafe's just to blog.

1. Proposal Title Defense
2. Intramurals 2007. Specifically, with the events where I joined: Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Firing Line, Folk Dance and the one event where I supposed to be the contestant also but I hesitated: Stand-up Comedian.
3. My Fruits Festival: Durian. Lanzones. Rambutan. Mangosten. Marang.
4. Birthday Celebration: Birthday of Ma'am Nelia. Birthday of my younger brother. Birthday of Gerald this coming 29th of September and my Blog Birthday also!
5. BITECH Magazine: ITE's official magazine, first release. Am one of the editors. Hehehehe...

But first things first, I have to write the most important thing that had happened: Our Proposal Title Defense.

Oh how I miss blogging and earning as well! Don't have money anymore. In dire need of sidelines. (Sighed)

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