Because of No Internet Connection

I was organizing my files in my computer when I found these pictures of ours (Jairo Ladies). We had some picture taking while there was no internet connection that time. Grabbing the opportunity and have to zone out from our work for a while guys, so please understand...heehehe..
Anyway, take a look at the beautiful us  -  cam whoring with our stuffed toys. (*grin).
from left to right (Yvon, Rose, Aloha, Jhona)
Oh did I say our? I was not even in the picture and I don't have stuffed toy also in the office. How sad, they only had me as their photographer. (Huhuhuhuhu....)But seriously, do you think I would allow that? Find it out after the jump.
And here's my own fair share. Solo picture with a borrowed stuffed toy. Take note - I used borrowed. So to anyone who feels like giving me a gift - I want to have a stuffed toy also preferably teddy bear. Thanks ahead! Hehehehehehe....
April 10, 2009 (original post)

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