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Just checked my Sponsored Reviews account and I've noticed that it was actually yesterday (February 12) where I turned my 2nd year in writing reviews from the different opportunities which I got from this site. Wow!

And you know what, it is Sponsored Reviews where I got most of my Make Money Online (so far). Not to mention the year 2008, where I've earned $2958. Hmmn..It was already a big amount of money for me. If you divide it by 12 - I am like getting the minimum pay of a full time employee here in Davao. Cool!

The money which I also got from Sponsored Reviews had made me buy Hinaru (my desktop's name) and any other things in my day to day expenses (studies and home). I am just so thankful.

So if you want to Make Money Online through writing reviews, then you better SIGN-UP NOW. Sponsored Reviews is definitely the best! And I am just so happy that I still continue to receive opportunities from them. But before I will end my post, let me give you FEW REMINDERS:

a. Bid on Opportunities that are related to your Niche.
b. Follow the requirements of the Advertiser or else you will be suspended.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.


  1. ma, 50% na lng ilang gina hatag. pangit na... pro ok ra japon. at least naa japon ka ma bid nga tasks hehehe. pero gamay na lng jud ang ma earn.

  2. I think 65%-35% man toh saunah..atoa ang 35%, bali ning-increase na karon...


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