Wherever your feet take you, running, not only it is a good exercise, it helps you lose weight, develop bone mass or rally your mind for proper coordination. That is why it is very important to choose the proper shoes that would suit your needs and objectives. Nike, in its own predisposition, has proven what the name carries, that is, victory. In the shoe industry, Nike has dominated the spectrum of excellence in terms of quality, sturdiness and bravura.


Formerly named as Blue Ribbon Sports, which eventually became Nike in 1978, Nike was established in 1964 by Bill Bowerman, a coach and a runner, and Philip Knight. Its main center of operations is in Portland, Oregon. Nike branches to more than 700 shops worldwide catering to 45 countries around the globe. Not only Nike is confined to distributing shoes but it extended its line of products to clothing apparel and athletic equipment to a long line of sporting activities. Its latest addition to its line of products contains Flywire and a foam in the name of Lunarlite, which makes the shoes more lighter and more comfortable. It is in this regard that Nike is topping the business line in the market world. It has been said that when you choose Nike you choose a lifetime companion.

Continued research and innovative ideas resulted to Nike not only meeting the demands but making sure that the needs and specific makes of the products they want are provided.It was in 1971 when the company released the first ever Nike shoe for soccer to the market. And it was only in 1982 that Nike promoted its products via television advertisements. It was LLie Natase, a tennis player of Romania, who first endorsed it.

If you value your money, then Nike should be your choice.

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

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