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Our Dayang Beach Resort Summer Getaway

I will never forget our summer getaway last month because of a couple of "now we know" experiences.

First off, the waiting of 2 hours at Sta. Ana wharf. I really thought that the boat would leave at 8am that's why as early as 4am we were already awake preparing for our food and things. Only to find out, that we still need to wait for the boat to be fully occupied. LOL!

Next, since we were there during Sunday. The boat didn't take us directly to Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island. So we stopped near Isla Reta. The only vehicle available to take us to Dayang Beach Resort is through Habal- habal (a motorcyle that will carry 2-5 persons, you can see pic here).

It's not my first time to ride in this vehicle but the experience that we had was just nerve wracking. The road going to Dayang Beach Resort was so bumpy and we were going up and down. Imagine that and we were carrying a lot of things! The first time, the motorcycle went up - my heart was beating so fast already and just when we thought that it’s over the road gets more challenging. There were small and big rocks, holes and the way up and down is not short distance. Whew! Good thing, the driver is an expert as we arrived safely. How I wished I have turn the camera on that time so you can picture out what exactly I am talking about.

We've reserved a cottage that is good for 2-5 persons amounting to P600. But the bed can accomodate 2-3 persons only. So the rest will need to sleep on the floor using a wooven mat or in the balcony area of your cottage. There were no stores to buy viands so it is advisable that you bring your own food and kitchen materials. We brought rice cooker thinking that we can use their electricty but to no avail, they won't allow it since they are only using generators ("now we know, hehe"). But they can cook for your rice, you will just need to pay. For 1 kilo, we paid P30. You can charge your cellphone though but in the house of the owner. Also, water there can't be use for drinking. So you should really bring lots of water. They are only using rain water for their shower and comfort rooms.

We stayed there overnight and in going home, we no longer need habal-habal as it was already Monday (relieved). Boat arrives there daily every 7am but expect for lots of passenger.

Overall, it was really a nice experience as I’m able to spend it with my bestfriend Rose and my boyfriend Sonny. It was unforgettable and super fun.  Not sure though if I'm still going to repeat the habal-habal experience. We will see.

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