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Survivor Philippines Season 25 Episode 6: "Down and Dirty"

I've finally caught up watching Survivor Philippines Season 25. Yay! The past five episodes were not really that good. Scenes were more focused on Tribe Matsing since they never win in any immunity challenges, resulting to a tribal absorption to Denise Stapley and Malcolm Freberg.

But on its Episode 6: Down and Dirty - the show gets more interesting because the two tribes (Tandang and Kalabaw) gave up the reward challenge which is to push a large wood ball across a mud field to their goal (see photo above) for a deal. Wow! I think it's another first time in Survivor history. And guess what, the deal is to give up all the remaining rice the Kalabaw tribe has in exchange for winning the one time feast reward. A proposal made by Jonathan Penner who promised to catch fish for his tribe mates.

And I was like, seriously? Rice is more helpful in the long run.

I couldn't imagine why his tribe mates agreed to that deal. Look what happened? They lost in the immunity challenge. I just hope Jonathan could really catch some fish. I mean big fish. Hehe.

This is really getting so exciting and I just can't wait for the next episode!  :)

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