Saturday, January 14, 2006

another step to love my course!

I think my bestfriend is really right. I'm beginning to love the course that I am into. hahahahha..

"When it rain, it really pours..." - this is absolutely true!

Last night, my heart was really jumping with joy when my fave teacher asked me to be part of the Programming Team. I know for a fact that I am not really that much good in that subject but I like it. He said that the training will start this 1st week of February. I need to practice daw kasi I'm good naman in Mathematics. Magaling ba tlaga???? hehehe...that's my fave subject when I started college. But back then in high school, I was never that good. I don't know those subjects that I hate in high school were now my loved subjects like Chemistry, Physics and all that relates to Mathematics but if you ask me about the "English" ...ehheheheh, im just average.

I hope it would be really true now because I was once asked also to be part of the Quiz Bowlers but di pla ....

hayy...I hope ito na talga. I won't be pretending to anybody else but my my heart is really jumping with joy. I will do my best!

Good luck to me...everything start and turns out good for this year!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tired and Sleepy

Today is definitely not a great day for me because I am so tired and sleepy...I never had sleep since yesterday...

Last night, we went to the boarding house of our classmate to do our assignments in Advanced Web Programming. We also watched the movie..."MY SASSY GIRL". We watched it during wee hours and I really appreciate that my classmates love to watch those romantic movie. Hayy..this movie would be added now to the list of my fave movies (LOVE STORIES). Also, the brother of the one I love requested me to call up in their house and I have able to talk with him but just a moment because I am in a hurry in going to the boarding house of my classmate because of that project...He texted me that he appreciates what I did and I am also thankful for not ignoring me.

That's it for now. Just dropping by. Still sleepy.