Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Business

More important than any other resource your business has at its disposal is the team that makes it all happen. The best plans go wrong when carried out the wrong people and a crisis can easily be weathered with the right minds in the business. Excellence needs to be your approach to marketing, so how do you ensure you’re getting it? Here, we’ll look at the right steps to make sure you’re filling the business with exactly the right people.

Have some firm expectations 

It doesn’t matter how skilled or experienced a person is. If you don’t have a full understanding of the role they’re going to play, they will have trouble becoming a fit for the workplace. The job description isn’t just useful for advertising your position. It’s how you define not just the responsibilities of the position but also the skills, hard and soft, that have to define whoever steps into it. A thorough job analysis has to be done, weighing both the physical and mental demands, the reason for creating the role in the first place and even the details of the tools they’re going to be using. Without defined expectations, you could hire someone with promising skills, but entirely the wrong makeup to fit the role. 

Cast a broader net 

Your expectations of the role might be deep and narrow, but your search should be broader. It’s not enough to simply rely on putting the job in listings. It’s all about making the right contacts for the specifics of what you’re looking for. Specialist recruiters should be partnered with, like Portfolio Payroll for payroll positions. Similarly, you should be networking within your industry to spot the up-and-coming talent that could fit that position of yours. By being specific in your search, but not limiting it to just one source, you’re getting access to a broader market, but it’s a market of specifically the kind of people you need. 

Be willing to do a little moulding of your own 

Rarely will you find someone 100% ready to completely make a new role their own. Even if they’re inhabiting the same position they have in a past job, there are going to be differences in the particulars of their work, as well as the kind of workplace culture they’re fitting in. Make sure you’re not considering that the recruitment process is done as soon as hiring and training finishes. Keep working to get the best out of your new hire, from offering and receiving feedback that allows employer and employee to find the best working relationship. When you’ve chosen someone who is fit to the role, you might need to let them fit the role to themselves, as well. Encourage individuality and the trial of new methods. If you’re bringing in smart people, let them flex their brain muscles and it could benefit the business as a whole. 

 All in all, it’s all about being thorough, knowing what you need, and the steps you need to get there. Your expectations have to be laid out from the beginning, your search has to be probing the right places, and your development of your employees has to help them reach those standards. The best employees aren’t something you can create with a single decision.

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