5 Bathroom Problems You Should Never Ignore


There are some bathroom repairs that can be delayed, however there are others that you don’t want to put off. Below are just some of the bathroom problems that could require immediate repairs. 

Blocked toilet 

A blocked toilet is pretty hard to ignore - especially if you only have one toilet in your home. The longer it goes unresolved, the more hassle it will cause for you, so it’s important to know what to do if your toilet drains are blocked. You may be able to use remedies like hot water or a plunger, however more stubborn blockages may require getting into the pipes. An emergency plumber will be able to come and resolve the issue if you cannot unblock it yourself. 

Dripping taps 

The constant drip-drip noise of a tap can quickly get annoying. But there’s a greater reason as to why you need to get this fixed quickly, and that’s the fact that every drip will be costing you extra money. Getting your dripping tap fixed pronto could prevent a high water bill (and a high heating bill if it’s a hot water tap). It’s likely that you need to replace the cartridge or the washer within the tap. When it comes to old worn bathroom taps, replacing the entire tap may be worthwhile. 

Smelly drains 

If you’re getting horrible smells coming out of your plug holes or toilet, it could also be important that you take action quickly. Sewer gas isn’t just unpleasant to breathe in, but potentially toxic and highly flammable. This can rise up through pipes when the p-trap becomes dry - often after long periods of non-use. En suite bathrooms of bedrooms that are rarely used are therefore big culprits. Running water for a while or continuously flushing may help to fill the p-trap with water and stop the sewer gas. If this isn’t the cause, a blockage or other plumbing issue may be to blame - consider hiring a plumber to take a look. 

Mould growth 

Mould isn’t just smelly and unpleasant to look at - it can actually be bad for your health if you breathe in too much of it. Mould thrives in warm, damp and dimly lit places, which is why bathrooms are often the perfect environment. Once you notice mould growth in your bathroom, it’s important to eliminate it. An anti-mould spray is a simple and effective option, however, you should also consider the root cause. Lack of extractor fans and plumbing leaks are two causes to look into. 

Low water pressure 

Noticed a reduced amount of water coming out of your bathroom taps? Or perhaps the shower is not as powerful as it once was? Toilet not flushing enough water? All of these problems are a case of low water pressure. You shouldn’t ignore low water pressure, because it’s possible that it could be due to a more serious problem such as a plumbing leak. This could be causing water damage and high water bills. Of course, there are other reasons for low water pressure too.

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