First Time Experience with Bowling

The internet is back!

I thought I was not able to publish my blog regarding spaghetti because there was a problem with regards to the internet connection. But I was glad that it also happened because I was able to go to the bowling place...and our PE class started early because there was a tournament after. I was able to try at least 3 balls (I don't know what do you call it). It was okay and I find the sports very interesting. I really wanted to practice more but I don't have money. "Nakihits lang gani kanina" hehehehe.

My classmate noticed that in Dover there is a videoke place so we went there. I chose a song entitled "How did you know". This is one of my favorite songs but I only got 86. hehehhehe...Ma'am is already in the place so we have to stop singing na...

Our teacher handed me over the scoring job. I was anxious in scoring because I don't know yet how it is done besides, I was not able to understand fully the discussion about bowling because it was my first time to hear those terms.

Now, time for me to play: Hmmnnn...what did happen? With the first time experience to play that sports. I got two strikes! It was an achievement already for me and I am so happy because I was the highest among the class...Whew! Congrats to myself...I really love playing!

After the PE class, I decided to go back to school to have an internet and update this blog of mine (that's what I'm doing right now). I happened to met my two classmates who were not able to take the quiz in bowling. I feel sad for them but I think Ma'am will give them a chance at our next meeting.

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