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Why did it have to be like this?

I've got a bad weekend because of my dysmenorrhea. I stayed home because I could not bear the pain. That was so boring. Sunday, we were planning to change the location of some fixtures in our house. I have to help my mother with that also. I got to carry on quite heavy was so tiresome. We had a general cleaning. We also got to fix some things (I'm doing the carpentry job).

In the evening, I really don't feel like studying. I am not prepared for all the exams that I will be taking. I hate to go to school anymore. I just don't like it. Some things are bothering me. Why did it have to be like that???? It is very annoying..I just lie down in my bed and continue reading the book "The Purpose-Driven Life". I was not able to follow what the author has really advised for the readers because it has to be read everyday. I was inconsistent, I only have two chapters left with me. I was not able to finish it. Lots of good lines strucked me.

I really don't feel good. On my way to school I saw the mother of my bestfriend when I was still a working student here in UIC. She is so pale and thin, she has fever. I accompanied her in going to their counter. The nurse now in our school would not right away give medicine. I just don't know why. When you have cough or any illness...they just want you to drink water and other stuff. I hope they will be considerate regarding these things.

Before our Physics class, I was always smiling. But I can't really hide what I am feeling. Now I am so lonely and depressed. Why did it have to be like this??? I am not in the mood for school and for my work today. Nawawalan na ako ng gana. It really hurts.

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