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organizational behavior concerns

Feel free to share your ideas, it will be highly appreciated.
Choose whatever you wish to answer or you can answer them all.

1. Do you think behavior is generally predictable?

2. "Heredity determines personality". Would you agree?

3. Thirty five years ago, young employees we hired were ambitious, conscientious, hardworking and honest. Today's young workers don't have the same values. Do you agree or disagree with this manager's comments?

4. What do you think are the factors that constitutes a good decision from a poor one?

5. Based on your knowledge and experience, do you think performance is the criterion most used in practice in compensating employees?


  1. think behavior is generally predictable?
    - - there are patters but we cant really predict that a person will behave this or that way again. we can come up wiv probabilities, but still, the concept of change might come in.

    2. "Heredity determines personality". Would you agree?
    - - disagree. the personality is developed by an interplay of factors of both heredity and environment.

    3. skipping this :P

    4. decision making is case-to-case basis. its hard to tell if tis a good or bad decision since we have different values, different views, different personalities.

    * btw, are u a psychy student by any chance?

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and for giving your comments to my organizational behavior concerns

    i did take up psychology subject when i was still a freshmen it was part in our minor subjects.


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