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sleep problems, bad dreams

The second semester is almost over but I tell you, every time it is coming to an end it always gives pressures to students because of the left and right requirements given to us by our dear teachers.

Somebody even said to me, why that strategy? Why do they always gave it on finals? Well, even if they will give it ahead of time it is useless because an ordinary student is fond of procrastinating. Fond of doing things a night before the deadlines and i admit i am one of them but not all the times because i also prepare, paminsan-minsan nga lang when i am not attacked by my laziness.

Relating to studies stuff, I experienced sleep problems. Talking while you are sleeping is not normal right? I was so surprised when my groupmate told me days ago while we were brainstorming for our presentation in System and Analysis Design that i was talking while i was sleeping at ang level ng boses ko, medyo malakas pa. I was talking about our major subjects and as if i am doing a program while i was sleeping. Good thing, the parents of my classmate didn't hear it kasi nakakahiya.

Last night, I also did the same thing dito sa bahay nila Lorei (nagbrainstorming mi for our case studies). This time around, her parents heard it. Ganun na talaga ako kalala ngayon, panay na ang pagsasalita habang natutulog.

I had bad dreams also.

The first was, the guy whom I am attracted with enter a convent and become one of them. I was shocked because how could a guy becomes a nun? Azz in, super! That he has a veil and wearing a habit (nun's clothes) and super fat na daw siya. I was crying and screaming, how could he do this? Why did he leaves me? and mga Ek, ek na kaemotan sa akong damgo nga naguol ko ug maayo.

The second was very sad. My one year old cute neighbor died while he was with us. We bought something near our barangay hall for him and while we were walking he suddenly cross the road where there were a lot of jeepneys. I chased him but too late, a tragic ending was set. I was screaming and crying a barrel of tears. I hate the fact that I was not able to save him and he died at a very young age. Many thoughts had been running in my mind then. How will i explain it to his parents? I pity for the family, just few months ago their father died and now the youngest died also.

Good thing, those were just dreams. It made me so nervous.


  1. rest muna alms... overstress na xa...

  2. pahulay pud oi

  3. salamat april, salamat pud anonymous

  4. Hello. It is a sad story, but you can improve your dream quality and stop that nightmares.
    Here I leave you some tips related with feeding habits and exercise, it works!

    * Feeding habits. A balanced diet, a good food timetable, and in general good eating habits help you to improve sleep quality.

    * Exercise and sport. Regular exercise really helps quality sleep, and makes it peaceful and deep. This is because exercise contributes to cardiovascular health, and optimizes breathing.

    I really hope I have helped you.


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