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mag-fourth year najud ko!

At last, the semester is over!

Nabreak ko narin ang sinasabi nilang may curse ako. It is because with my previous two courses (Accountancy and Medtech) i only reached the second year.

It feels good to be reaching this far because I have been through a lot of down and down.
***When we had our firing line presentation for the parents recognition and awarding I can't describe what I was feeling especially reading my line as a mother. The message that we shared was all about the sacrifices of every parent to their children. I felt so guilty because I know, at my age i should be a professional already.
Pero hindi pa huli ang lahat, babawi talaga ako sa inyo.

I am up to the challenges that are waiting as we reach our senior year. I am positive that i can do it at gagraduate na rin ako. Hopefully with flying colors.

Good luck sa ating lahat!


  1. yes u can do it's not yet too late. U can still achieve dat dream u hav der. Everything may not work accdg to what u wanted however der are reasons behind that. That's life. It's unpredictable! aja!

  2. hi, hazel Thank you for the nice message. I am just wondering who you are. Why you didn't included your page or even email? Heheheheh..


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