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What's bugging me?

I don't know how will I handle this thing that is bugging in my mind.

We just finished the 1st week of training for communication skills in the call center company where I am having my OJT. The training was tough because they wanted us to have that American Accent and i feel that among the OJT's I was the worst. I know the field is never mine besides I am not a communication arts student, I am an IT student but i really like the challenge. I am very eager to develop my communication skills.

My accent is not that good. I commit mistakes and I am a bit conscious reciting infront of my classmates. I don't know why this thing is happening. In school, I am not really this kind of person because I am full of confidence but in our training room I am so quiet and shy. I don't know how will I overcome this kind of intimidation and insecurity that I am feeling. Until now that the training for technical skills have already started I still feel that i might fail in the call simulation.

What's more bugging me is the fact that this OJT of ours is 3 units and I think it should be graded. I worry about my scholarship because I might get a low grade that would result me to be out from the privilege that I am into. The head of the training department told us that in every call that we have our customer will be given a sort of surveys where they can rate the agent and if they gave us 57 that will be our grade. Gosshhh....I plan to quit but I also want to earn. I need money but I am quite shy if I will still look for other company.

I really don't know what to do. Please help me. Help me Lord.

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