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The event happened last June 28, 2007 and Im sorry for posting this late. I was a bit busy that's why my blog is no longer updated.

Anywayz, as Araphoenix
mentioned in her blog the ITE Acquaintance Party '07 was really a success. It would not be possible without the excellent preparations of the ITE Program officers spearheaded by Araphoenix herself.

As I've mentioned in my last post, I consider the event as the happiest Acquaintance Party I ever had in UIC. Everything was well set. From the venue, the sound system, the presentors, the Mr. and Ms. ITE contest, the games azz in everything talaga. Although the program started one hour late we were still able to manage it to the exact time it should end.

I can see that all students including the faculty did really have fun especially in the last number, where the CLAN B presented the MTV Spoof. Although I am not that contented with my performance because I was conscious with my miniskirt which my classmates forced me to use but I am still happy. It was actually my third MTV Spoof presentation.. With regards to the second spoof unfortunately no one has able to catch a video of it. Sayang! Iyon pa naman ang da best!

Anywayz, you can check out the video by visiting this link! Be sure to load it first.


  1. wow... lingawa ani uy... hhehehe...alma! d best jud ka!

  2. @exan and ara: lamat sa inyo duha! hehehehehehe


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