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My Retreat Experience (Trip to Digos)

It was actually my first time to experience a retreat.

rosary, St. Benedict's Retreat House, Digos CityI remember when I was still an elementary student I used to go to Betania Retreat House (now UIC Bajada) everytime there is a retreat because i would help my mother prepare the room of the retreatants, go to the kitchen and help the cook and lastly wash the dishes. I am always very happy every time I looked at the bulletin board when it will be fully book because i know for certain that sumptuous food are always prepared and we could bring home some food also. At a young age I also wonder what was happening in the sessions of the retreatants because most of the time i could see them crying.
As my age increments, I then know the reason why.

Just like what had happened in our retreat. We were really satisfied with the food that was prepared for us. I will never forget everytime Fr. Patrick says, "Kaonz na pud". He's very fond of adding s or z. On the other side, almost all of us cried. If not, others just prevented their tears to flow out. Even I for myself never thought will cry because I thought I have able to release the negative energies long time ago but I was wrong. I couldn't deny the fact that everytime I share my life's story my tear glands secret tears.

Oh, Fr. Patrick Mariano is really a good facilitator. He has this gift of igniting what is in our hearts (on a positive aspect) so that we could release it out. Anything that bothers us, name it. Every words he uttered, we felt like stones were being thrown upon us.

Clan B
I will truly cherish the experience that I had. I even bought a rosary bracelet as a remembrance that i have been to St. Benedict's Retreat House in Digos City. First time ko rin makapunta talaga. I hope and pray that my faith in HIM will even grow stronger. Ika nga sa the Purpose Driven Life, I was not born an accident. From the time my mother conceived me everything has been planned by HIM. It is just like this, we experienced anger, sorrow, forgiveness and most importantly we learn to accept.

By the way, the second picture at the center was us (CLAN B) on our way to Digos. I am the one who was wearing yellow shirt. 


  1. I remember our retreat also back in College. :) Nice blog! This is Sheila.

  2. Hi, sheila thanks for the comment. Do you have a blog? I just want to drop comments in your post also. Hope you'll be able to visit my blog again.


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