I got a job

I got another job again! Yeheey!

I am just so happy because with the first company that I applied for a job, I was immediately accepted. It was Monday night when I send my resume online. The next morning, I received a call from the HR officer for my interview in the afternoon. I asked him if I can possibly have it the following day and good thing, he agreed. Well, I have to asked permission first for my bosses on the sidelines I have.

Wednesday morning, I had my first two initial interviews. I also answered two sets of exams for IQ and EQ, wrote an essay and did a on the spot promotion for a certain product. I was applying for a technical writer but they wanted me to put on Sales. It’s fine with me because I really want to be fluent in English - both in Oral and Writing.

I headed for work immediately after my interviews. When I arrived home, my mom told me the HR officer called up in the afternoon. Hmmn..it was a good sign. My mom told me he wanted me to submit again my resume. I was thinking why??? The next morning (Thursday), I received a call again. The HR officer wanted me to be there in the company for the final interview. Their Head from California, USA will now be the one who will be asking me questions. Whew! Kinda nerve wracking because I really have to speak straight English on that.

And I managed to answer them all - confidently! And the result? I got the job and have to start my work the next day. Ang bilis talaga! I'm fine with my salary even though it is smaller compared to what I received on my sidelines (Tutorial+Blogging+Business) individually. What is more important is I love my job and I'm confident with it. Money will just follow...

I thank my family for the prayers. Everything went well. I also have to quit my 8-10pm sideline because if I still have to work on that time, I will be dead (ehehhehehe). I need to give time for myself to relax. (Hirap na magkasakit). You know naman, I am the breadwinner.

Everything was really on the right time and everything that I have prayed where all answered. I am so happy also because my kuya is doing fine now after he went out from the hospital. Maintain nalng mga medicines and everything. Again, maraming salamat talaga. Gumiginhawa na ang buhay naming ngayon – di na talaga kagaya ng dati. Sana tuluy-tuloy na ito. Ramdam na ang pag-asenso.


  1. wow that's good news ricth! really God will make a way when there seems to be no way.. hehehe... nikanta nako.. I wish u luck always! God Bless! :0

  2. Congrats to you!

  3. hi..
    i am new here.
    kindly add my blog,
    i already added yours. thank you!

  4. wow.. amazing dai. kaya lagi na nimo. ;) I know..

    ang love life dai, kamusta man? hihihihi..

  5. Yah. i saw you there.. I guess we'll be seeing each other quite often.. hehehehehe

  6. psst! delete lagi ni mo mga blogroll ni mo?

  7. @miah: thanks..ehehhee..nagkita njud tah..ehhehee..unexpected ha..ehehhehe

    @darren: thanks

    @ysset: Kinsa ka???? ehehehe..unsa year nmo??? dugay naka nagablog???

    @joe.young: lovelife? wla pa na nko gifocus karon dai..pero katong isa ok rah..dali raman..ehehehe..ngita nko karon pamanhunon.

    @cathchix: mao, mao jud..naa man pud ka kuan didto...ahem!

    @jeffrey: Unintentional toh..sa pagchange nko sa template...pero ibalik nko ila links pagmagpalink sila utro. ehehehhehehe

  8. hey link me up again okay, congrats girl! God bless you always!

  9. wow, aus kaau...congratz!!! tama jud lagi ang sulti ni sir parantar...HEHEHE

  10. @ate honey: thanks..o sige, update nako ako blogroll..

    @rockertonz: Hinaut unta nots noh..pero layo-layo pa siguro toh iya giingon..kailangan pajud magkugi ko.. thanks sa pagbisita sa ako blog. ehehhehee

  11. secret nlng gud nato to te almz.. hehehehe... mag-abot jud ta ke nksked mngud ko didto.. hahahaha

  12. oy congrats diay! saan ka nagwork ngayon? is that an international company? anyways congrats ha!

  13. @catchix: Murag dili natah mag-abot..ehhehe kay tungang gabii man ako duty..ehehehe..pinawakwak.eheheheh.. pero magkita rapud siguro ta usahay. O, don't worry sekreto ra nato toh...dili natoh sila pahibaw-on..eheheheh.. para bibbo kaayo..

    @rosey: Hehehhee.. thanks. Yeah, international company ni siya. Sa JairoSolutions Inc.

  14. Wow! Another adventure to your life, enjoy it... God Bless!

    I need your suggestions


  15. @incior: Ooppss, i need your suggestions link - not found..


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