Got my funds from PayPal Wishlist on Facebook!

PayPal, PayPal Wishlist, PayPal Wishlist on Facebook
This morning, I checked my PayPal Account to see if my salary has been deposited but I was surprised to find out that a different fund has arrived amounting to $25. YAY!

It is from the Facebook PayPal Wishlist promotion where I have invited 25 friends to register and help me achieved my wishes which are Apple Iphone 3Gs, Canon Digital Camera, Washing Machine, Apple Macbook and Home Theater.

I will definitely add the $25 to achieve one of my wishes which is the Washing Machine. Thank you so much to all my friends who registered and shared this good news. Thank you also to Kaiser! I first learned about this one on his status on Yahoo Messenger (YM). I immediately signed up under his account. And most specially, thank you very much PayPal! The world's most love way to PAY and GET PAID. :)


  1. atay ang akoa kay wala pah. TSK TSK.. murag sa akoa baya ka kakita ato no??

  2. @kaiser: gimention taka sa ako post woi. Wait, update nko ang link. Natraffic siguro toh imo kay dako kaayo..eheheehe

  3. huh! bakit kaya wala pa akoa? nasangit siguro...


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