My 2009 Recap

1. January 2009 - I was so sick, had a lot of health problems.

2. February 2009 - still so in love with my boyfriend and I even dedicated the Make you feel my Love song to him. Gosssshhh....

3. March 2009 - attended a lot of parties (for some, I wasn't able to blog about them)
- This was also the time where I got a surprising amount in my EON Bank Account

4. April 2009 - promoted from work. I handled two positions (Technical Project Coordinator and Business Development Representative).

5. May 2009 - so dedicated with my work - not getting enough sleep and each day is getting busier.
- handled multiple projects, tough times! So busy!

6. June - August 2009 - cried a barrel of tears, not getting enough sleep, so stress, health problems, so broke - super tough times!
- so busy with work and studies (MBA)
- no more time for blogging, zero sideline income

7. September 2009 - resigned from my work (JairoSolutions)
- found a new job (SocialSAM), it came at the right time - so thankful!
- had a lot of absences in my MBA class (so busy)

8. October 2009 - promoted from work - from a Client Services Manager to Project Manager
- faced a lot of challenges with my new position

9. November 2009 - more challenges with my work
- settled some financial debts
- really felt that we are now doing okay (financially)
- broke up with my boyfriend (it was really hard, after 1 year and 1 month)

10. December 2009 - had Xoom problems
- eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
- attended Davao Bloggers Christmas Party, won Firefox shirt and lots of freebies
- attended Developer's Conference

Overall, it was still a good year. I am so thankful for all the blessings that I have received. :) I am so looking forward for this New Year. I have a lot of projects/plan/resolutions and I am hoping I could achieve them all. How about you? How's your 2009?

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