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Get up with this UP Movie

I really had a great time watching this comedy adventure movie from Disney /Pixar  named UP.

It is about a 78-year old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America. Not knowing, along his trip, Russell a very optimistic 8 years old Wilderness Explorer who desperately wants to have his final badge by Assisting the Elderly made his way above and beyond to respond to the call of his duty which is to assist Mr. Fredricksen in the wilds of South America.
I loved the idea of tying thousands of balloons in his house in order for him to fly.  I also admired the character of Dug. He is a lovable golden mutt who wants to prove that he belongs to his master.

This movie is  both funny and adventurous and conveys moral values that our relationship with others is what makes our life meaningful and colorful and that makes our happiness goes UP.

Photo taken from the Geekadelphia Website

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