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Kasagingan Trip

Here's another coffee trip we had after our gym session.

Kasagingan Coffee Shop We went to Kasagingan, a coffee shop just located along Torres Street. It was actually James who brought and treated us. Hehehehee...

The place is nice because you are as if only sipping your own coffee at a beautiful garden in your house. I also had great time reading some of the posters they had because I see nice tag lines with all touch or words related to bananas. Hmmn...don't forget also to bring laptop because as we all know, wifi is free here in Davao for all coffee shops.

For the food, as expected you will have variations of them out from the famous fruit - banana. There are cakes and chocolates also if you like but you should really taste their different banana offerings. Hehehehhee...We ordered toron and a cheese stick like food (but banana is inside of it) plus a dip of chocolate and vanilla. For the drinks, I can only remember the name of Choco with Oreo and for the two I'm sorry.

Anyways, I am so thankful James brought us there. It was really a nice experience, chit-chatting and taking pictures with your two officemates. Hope to be there again!

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