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My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

It's the time of the year where bloggers from the Philippines nominate their Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. This is the 4th year of this writing project and this is my first time to join. Below are my favorites and nominees:

1. - The best personal blog for me. I just enjoy reading his blog posts. According to Orman Manansala, there is rumor and humor in events and everything. If you are bored and lonely you might would want to visit this blog - basahin niyo ito Mga Dapat Iwasan Kapag Broken Hearted Ka", nakakatuwa talaga. Favorite ko iyan sa mga posts niya.

2. - official blog or website of Raphael Gregor Banta, a college classmate or ka-Clan B. We didn't know that he is into photography. He discovered this new passion. He said it is something that he can express his talent, views and hopes in life. It is a passion where he always find joy with. And we are just so proud of him. Kudos to you Rap and keep up the good job!

3. - it's because I love iced tea so much that I wanted to discover and learn more about teas. Tea Completely is own by Andrew dela Serna and Aileen Apolo who are both tea connoisseurs.

4. - official blog of Avatar Media - a new media outfit in Davao City that aims to bridge the gap between the Internet and Business Intelligence. They are a group of awesomely talented individuals who is also behind Davao Blogs and My Davao Jobs.

5. - I am proud member of Davao Bloggers, a blogging community here in Davao. They have lots of projects and events for us and I super love it! The most recent event I've joined was Creative Writing Workshop. And it's the first writing seminar that I have attended. Whew! Thank you so much Davao Bloggers and for all the inspiration.
6. - I'm a wannabee cook and I love that Ria Jose has put-up a blog where she offers practical information for cooks and wannabe cooks at all levels. I'm excited to try the dishes she'd shared.

7. - Yes, I want to Get Pretified. I've been wearing pony tails all the time and I still don't know how to put make-up. But I want it to be just easy and inexpensive. So Brendal Balaga has practical and simple tips and information for us in this Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog.

8. - If you have a Plurk account and want to have a new design for it, you should visit this site of Lyle Santos. He has a gallery of beautiful themes and you can have it for free. Cool! I am planning to change the look of my Plurk account too and I'll get it from his site. Hehe. 

9. - Blog dedicated to people's versions of original songs. If you played it, sung it, rearranged or remixed it, then it's your version: call it VERSION MINE. Interesting site! This is own by Jay de Jesus.

10. - With inspiration from daily routines and being surrounded by talented friends, Micaela Rodriguez  is about to document 2010 with 52 short films. Nice project!


  1. Thank you very much for this!

    In behalf of,, and :)

  2. daghang salamat gikan sa usa ka mindanaoan! thanks talaga! touch ako sa comment mo about my blog!!!

  3. Wow! Thank you for the nomination, Alma. :-)

  4. Wow thank you so much! :) I need to update na wah

  5. Your welcome guys, you all deserve it! Keep up the good job!

  6. Nakiki-plug lang po....

    Kilala mo ba sila ELY, MARKUS, LEMON, at BUDDY? Nagkaroon ba kayo ng KARAOKE MACHINE at nakakanta gamit ang MINUS ONE o MULTIPLEX CASSETTE TAPES? Nag-alaga ka rin ba ng mga mababangong KISSES at umasang manganganak ang mga ito? Alam mo ba ang universal cheat code na UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, B, A, SELECT, START?

    Balik-balikan ang saya ng DEKADA NOBENTA....Pindot na Dito!!

    Sana ay makabisita ka at ma-check mo kung pasado ba ang blog ko sa criteria mo para sa TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS FOR 2010!!

    Lahat ng tao ay may jologs side!! Rakenrol \m/

  7. Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D


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