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IT Asset and Disposal

IT Asset and Disposal for any company can be a nightmare task. In today’s modern times, competition is tougher than ever and one slight mistake, your corporate secrets, blueprints or intellectual property could get leaked to the public. This is why, certified data destruction is as important as project development. With proper and confidential IT asset and disposal, you can heave a sigh of relief that your company secrets remain just that – a secret.

At Round 2, they understand the need to guard company secrets. They are committed to the service of managing your overall IT Asset Disposition just so you can direct your energies on more pressing needs of the business. Cease worrying about logistics and focus more towards building company horizons. Leave the rest to us, we will ensure that all unused hard disks are destroyed appropriately.

Round 2 specializes on onsite or offsite data destruction thus giving you the benefit and peace of mind that confidential materials are handled properly. Destroyed materials can even be salvaged and recycled by providing services that are R2 and ISO compliant. Apart from this, services such as onsite packing and freight, asset tag removal and asset level reporting are also offered for your convenience.

Stop taking chances and ensure that your data is safe today. Check out what Round 2 has to offer in terms of IT Asset and Disposal as well as Data Destruction. Visit the website and check out the new offerings that only this company can offer. Ask for a quote, browse around or simply go through the company profiles to understand more. Round 2 can offer all these and so much more. Get the Round 2 distinctive service today and learn the disposal process only we can provide. Visit the Round 2 website now to get a free estimated quote.

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