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Get to Understand More of What is Website Hosting

Though most people in the world today have become computer-literate but still not all internet savvy persons truly know and understand how websites are run and made live. 

We could point to the main factors which make a website run namely: the web host and the web server. The web server delivers the website contents and helps the navigation inside the site to function well. On the other hand, a web host is responsible for making the site appear to the whole world at any time of the day. 

As with the web hosting service, there are several types which the websites are currently subscribed. Shared hosting, the first of the types, is often called the most convenient to use because it is cheaper. Such kind of hosting service allows several clients to use the same hardware and background software. On the dark side of this service, this does not encourage growth of the domain. 

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is a single domain with a whole set of hardware and this is deemed more powerful than shared hosting. But normally, this type of web hosting is more costly and not all small businesses could afford to buy and avail of such service. Often, dedicated hosting is used by large companies and businesses in their online ventures.

Along with the two are more types of hosting like the Virtual Private Server, Colocation and the free web hosting. Choosing from the different types of web hosting services, would be a somewhat crucial decision to make because it would either cause good or bad to your website. So, it is best to first think of a hosting plan which could best fit your website.

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