Trend-Setters Love Engraved Jewelry For Its Sentimental Value

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Hot trends come and go, but a few become mainstays such as initial jewelry. Many famous pop singers, like Britney Spears, are wearing initial necklaces similar to those found on the Lauren Klein jewelry website. Here, you will find the latest fads, like the sumptuous one-big-stone bracelets and necklaces that are so popular today.

Style magazines show celebrities wearing both of these types of jewelry in silver and gold. However, they rarely show the customized engraved messages, which adorn the backs of their most precious pieces.

What Do Celebrities Have Personally Engraved On Their Jewelry?

Special love messages are commonly engraved on gift pieces, as well as dates, mentions of momentous occasions, and the giver and receiver’s names. Like everyone else, celebrities love to see their own name in print. It provides an instant ego-boost to look in a mirror and see your own sparkling initials embedded on glistening gold or silver. Engraved jewelry, most commonly necklaces, bracelets and rings carry the same kind of instant gratification when the wearer flips over their beloved piece to read a heart-felt message.

Kris Humphries chose two Bible quotes for engraving on the engagement band that he presented to Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately, their marriage barely lasted a few weeks. Never the less, it was a thoughtful thing to do.

Gorgeous Hilary Duff is a new mother who likes to wear her baby's initial on a pendant, rather than her own monogram. Additionally, beautiful and talented actress Sandra Bullock occasionally sports a necklace charm with her initial as the focal point. Charlize Theron also wears gold and silver initial jewelry when out and about.

Several Hollywood stars have mentioned in celebrity articles that they have had inspiring messages engraved on jewelry for themselves. The Show Must Go On is a popular message engraved on many star performers’ jewelry. Customized jewelry is great for everyday wear or for special occasions like an anniversary. Engravings can signify or acknowledge anything that is personally meaningful to the wearer.

How Do You Get Jewelry Engraved?

Luckily, engraving jewelry costs very little. While highly affordable, engraving adds huge sentimental value to jewelry. Online jewelry shops, such as, carry tantalizing jewelry designed to carry a personal message or monogram. Engraved jewelry made specially for babies and children are wonderful gifts that are cherished for a lifetime. Check out the Lauren Klein jewelry website for pages full of trendy necklaces, bracelets, rings and other inspired jewelry items if you want to see the latest styles.

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