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Unusual Ways to Keep Your Car Shiny and Fashionably Beautiful

There are but many ways to maintain the beauty of your car and to keep it shiny. Going to car cleaning shops could be more expensive and would take so much of your time in waiting for the job to be done.

In this line, you can try these simple home remedies which could make your car fashionably beautiful and maintain its cleanliness everyday without spending much. Most of these materials used may sound weird and odd but some people have already proven the good results.

One of the proven simple and inexpensive ways to clean your car is by using a hair conditioner which normally contains an ingredient named lanolin. You will not believe at this moment until you will see your car in a newly waxed look.

Another way to clean your windshield is by making use of the cola stored inside the fridge. When rains come your way, your car will encounter the usual problem regarding your dirty windshield. Get rid of streaks and blotches by putting cola over the glass. Wash off the cola on the windshield thoroughly after the cleaning process with water. The cola residue may attract dust and dirt.

Need a refill for your windshield-washer tank? Need not to buy the liquid solution. Make your own washing fluid with the use of vodka in your liquor cabinets. Mix 3 cups of vodka 2 teaspoons of any liquid detergent used for washing dishes along with 4 cup of water in a jug. Close the jug and shake well. You can now refill the reservoir with several amounts of fluid.

Baking soda is another ingredient which is commonly found in every kitchen and it could be of use in maintaining the car to its clean state. This liquid solution can be used for car washing at home. This is made of ¼ cup baking soda, 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid and a good amount of water to fill the jug- where all the ingredients are mixed. Be sure to shake well the solution.

Before you wash your car at home, get a cup from the mixture and pour it into a 2 gallon pail. Use warm water and stir. Now, your solution is ready to use.

If those tips offer a good solution to your car maintenance needs every day then that is also what MINI of Baltimore County is aiming to extend to its customers. The company does not just leave you after you have purchased the unit from them. They hold great responsibility of your car as with maintenance even after your purchase.

Customer satisfaction is the company’s utmost priority believing that without loyal customers they would not exist up to this time. Their website has made it easy for customers to contact the company with any of car concerns.

As with keeping cars clean, shiny and beautiful, this is due to some owner’s mentality their vehicles are like their own reflections. They think that how their car or any of their possessions look like would directly associate to their personality and their stature in life.

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