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IP 5000 cameras from Bosch - High performance cameras for a wide rageof typical surveillance needs

Manila, Philippines – With the introduction of the new IP 5000 camera family featuring up to five-megapixel resolutions, Bosch is offering high-performance technology for a wide range of typical surveillance needs. By the end of 2013 the range will consist of thirteen cameras in four different designs: micro domes, bullet, indoor and outdoor domes. They are offering a variety of resolutions for different image detail requirements and SD card storage options. Options for outdoor installation include vandal resistance, water and dust-proof enclosures, and IR LEDs for nighttime monitoring. Varifocal lenses also simplify adjusting the field of view.

The cameras incorporate two special bandwidth reduction technologies. Firstly, intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) adapts the degree of noise reduction real-time based on an analysis of the contents of a scene. For example, bandwidth is reduced by up to 50 percent when no motion is present. As soon as an important object is detected, bandwidth increases to capture maximum detail. Secondly, bandwidth is further reduced by way of area-based encoding that enables compression parameters to be set for up to eight user-definable regions. This means less interesting regions are more highly compressed, leaving more bandwidth for the important parts of the scene.

Further, two regions of interest can be selected and controlled by remote electronic pan, tilt and zoom (e-PTZ). The combination of these special streams with the main stream allows for closer inspection of details while retaining situational awareness.

Additional features include Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), privacy masking, audio capability, and an operational temperature range from as low as -30 to up to +50 degrees Celsius. The Bosch Video Client PC software included offers a user-friendly interface to support simple installation and configuration. It provides live viewing of multiple cameras, playback, forensic search, and the export of data. The Video Security app, free from the App Store, enables access to HD surveillance images on an iPad or iPhone from anywhere, even over low-bandwidth connections.

“Our Video Security app gives you complete control of all your cameras, from panning and tilting, to zoom and focus functions,” explains Ian Crosby, Head of Product Management at Bosch Security Systems. “It’s like taking your control room with you.”

These new cameras seamlessly integrate with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch as well as from other third-party providers, since they are ONVIF conformant. The cameras are also supported by the Integration Partner Program, which gives partners immediate access to online tools for easy integration. Further details of the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

The new camera range will be available from October 2013 onwards.

Source: Press Release

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