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Two Lucky Wins!

Got lucky again this month! I won a new Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy J5) from Davao Central Convenience Store Nestle Raffle Promo and an Eden Day Tour GC from NCCC Supermarket Promo. Yepeey!

For the Nestle promo, I think I got 6 raffle entries. By purchasing P60 worth of Nestle product (like their coffee) you get to have 1 raffle promo. As for the NCCC Supermarket promo, it was just to comment your New Year's resolution (just brief) and share their facebook post. That's it! Hehe.

They came at a perfect time. My S3 stopped working last year and I badly need an Android phone (cause I also used it for testing - work related). 

As for the Eden Tour, I never got the chance to be there for the many yearsssss I've been here in Davao. I've been planning to go there since I started earning but it never happened.

So before the GC expires, glad that I was finally able to have an Eden Experience. Hehe. 

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