Slitherio: the Popular Game Taking over the Internet


Have you played the popular, addictive game Slitherio? It’s the new game that is making rounds worldwide, constantly forming a larger fan base of players who can’t stop playing. It’s no surprise: this game is built around the premise of the Snake game (which was also played obsessively in the 2000s), but with an extra element: simultaneously playing against other online players.

You can play online with a quick click of a button. Head to the game, click on “Play Online” and that’s all it takes – you don’t even need to provide a nickname. Your game starts as you compete against hundreds of other snakes set in the same map. Your task is to grow the snake by eating lights spread out across the map. The larger the light orb, the increased added length to the snake. Little by little, your snake grows and goes up in rank against the hundreds of other players.


But beware! Other snakes will do their best to kill you so they can benefit from your character’s death. When a snake crashes head-first onto another snake, it causes its immediate death and losing the game altogether. The dead snake becomes tens to hundreds of large light orbs, which other snakes will jump at devouring quickly. These orbs provide the highest amount of points of length.

Slitherio is a game of strategy: stay alive and grow your snake to reach the highest position in the scoreboard. It’s no easy feat: other players will do their best to ensure you lose so they can take your light orb remnants. They will try to force a crash, trap you in a circle so you have no choice but to give up, trick you into catching a light orb only to kill you, and do whatever they can to get in your way. Avoid them and strategize against other snakes successfully and you can become the largest snake in the map.

This game is very fun and extremely addictive. Once you start playing, it’s hard to stop: you will always try to beat your last play. It’s also a quick game, so you can play it anytime. Most importantly, remember to enjoy it even when you lose!

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