Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Benefits Of Blogging For a Small Business: Is Your Business Part Of It?

If you run a small business or are thinking of taking the leap towards being your own boss, then you might be wondering about blogging. Is there a place for it in your business? There is no doubt that it will take up time and money to spend the time writing a blog, so it is understandable to have these kinds of concerns. But the resounding answer to is blogging for your business going to be worth it is yes, it really is! It can be a relatively inexpensive way to boost your website traffic and reach people that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Here are some of the other benefits of blogging for your business.

Gives Your SEO a Boost 

Let’s face it, if you’re a small business, you want to be getting your site onto the first page of a search engine search. It helps draw people to your site, which in turn, leads people to learn about your business and the product or service that you offer. Search engines like to have plenty of fresh content, though. So it is a must to be updating your website, via a blog, regularly. You’re not going to get onto that front page without it. If you find that you need to outsource to do so, then do it. A company like can let you know the benefits of content management and the costs of doing so. Content is king! 

Develops Consumer Relationships

With a blog, it allows you to share thoughts on current affairs, as well as things going on in your business, or seasonal topics like holidays or national days. If you’re a green smoothie company, for example, then you want to get in on those people searching for a St. Patrick’s day smoothie recipe, right? Loyal customers will follow along and engage with you. But it also allows you to reach out to potential new customers as you can get feedback through comments, as well as through social media. You can get a real insight into the things that your customers want and need. This post explains that in more detail if needed:

Makes Your Business Personable 

Through a blog, you are able to share a much more personal side to your blog. Blogging gives you the chance to share your values and ethos in a way that normal outbound marketing doesn't. It can help people relate to your business, as well as help customers get to know you. That is one thing that a small business has over a large corporation. So you should use it to your benefit. 

Creates the Chance To Share 

Every time that you share a blog post, people can share it on social media. So it is a great way to keep the conversation going. It is a great way to reach new customers and have people engage with your content. If you've written something that really resonates with people, or that is especially useful, like a tutorial or a gift guide, then people will share. The value of a customer giving you that kind of free marketing can’t be measured.

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