Helping Your Child With The Stress Of Moving Home

Moving home can be hard for all of us, but if you have children, the upheaval can be especially stressful for them. They may not have been involved in making the decision to move so there could be a lot of anger and resentment. While they may not fully understand why you are leaving, there are ways in which you can alleviate their stress. 

1. Inform your children as early as you can about the move so they can begin to adjust to the idea. 

2. As children need familiarity and routine, the idea of moving somewhere unknown could cause them fear and anxiety. Put their minds at ease by telling them as much as you can and answer any questions they have honestly. 

3. If you are moving a distance away, show your children photographs of the new home and location. This will get them used to the idea that the move is real and provide a knowledge of where they are moving to. If you are moving nearby, take them to see the home and explore the new destination. There may be some great facilities nearby that will attract your child’s attention. 

4. When it comes time to pack toys, clothes, and furniture away, involve your children in the packing process. If you have very young children, be sure to tell them that they will see their belongings soon, whether they are being taken away by interstate removalists or just in the back of your car. It may be worth for keeping back a few toys for your child to have with them on the journey. 

5. Give your children responsibility within the decision process. When talking about their new room, ask them what color they would like it to be. It may be time to buy some new furniture for their bedroom, so give them options to choose from.

6. One of the biggest concerns children have about moving, is saying goodbye to their friends. Allow them the time to say goodbye properly, and remind them that they will still be able to keep in contact through social media, Skype, and telephone. 

7. Another worry for children is beginning a new school. If possible, arrange a visit before they start, letting them meet their new teacher and the opportunity to meet other students. 

8. Moving home is particularly hard for teenagers who may be in a relationship with somebody, and have close friendships. They may also be in the middle of the exam period or close to an important school event such as the prom. If you can, work the move date around their schedule, or let them stay with family or friends until the timing is better for them. Assure them that they will be able to stay in contact with their friends and that what is happening now is a learning experience for later on in life. 

The move will be challenging for all of you, but try and let it bring you closer together in the process. Change is always hard, but it can be a positive thing.

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