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Stress, No & Maybe! Anxieties You Will Face Running A Company

Stress and anxiety, it doesn't just come with the start of your startup, but it is something that is, unfortunately, a very regular occurrence during your time as an entrepreneur. The question is how you deal with these stresses? Everybody has their own personal anxieties, and these can impact on our business in many ways. But what are the key anxieties every entrepreneur will face at some point or another? 

A Lack Of Control 

This is a pertinent point to address because if you are a business owner, you will tend to be the person in charge, but when you work with other clients outside of your business, this is where you may end up in a position without a sense of control. Control, of course, isn't the same as having an influence over others, but this can have an impact on where you may see your business going. It's very difficult if you are a startup company that is trying to make the most of important client relationships, as these will pay your wages. It's also important to remember that in this respect that finances can cause grave anxieties, and so it may be worth looking at extending your working capital, to give you that bit more peace of mind. There are websites, such as workingcapital.co, that lists specific details on funding, and what criteria your business needs to meet. Some businesses aren't fully flexible when it comes to finances, but it's important to remember that there are organizations that are willing to loan you the capital. The lack of control may remind you of when you were an employee. But this is a lesson in letting things happen; sometimes you can't control everything, even if you are the leader of your own business. And this may be a harsh lesson for you to learn, but an essential one to help you calm your anxieties. 

There's No Time! 

You may have heard everybody say this at some point in their life, that there is no time to get everything done because they physically don't have enough hours in a day. It doesn't help that the consensus is that entrepreneurs have to work over 70 hours a week to be successful. Much like accepting that you have no control over everything in your life, you don't control the amount of days there are in a week. And while the cliché is that you need to make time to accomplish everything, the best approach, especially for those entrepreneurs that have families, is to prioritize the most pressing tasks. You can schedule your life to the minute, but when you are a lone wolf, trying to get your business off the ground, you may find scheduling a little stifling, especially if something doesn't go according to plan and knocks everything else out of sync. The less stressful approach is to list your tasks and complete them in order of priority, this is helping you to accomplish the tasks healthily, but it also teaches you the importance of accepting that you cannot complete everything right now. 

Personal and professional anxieties will tend to meld together, and so you need to be able to find your own ways of dealing with these anxieties, there are plenty of methods that you can try, from mediation sites like headspace.com to simple breathing techniques that you can find on YouTube. But, make no mistake, these two common business stresses, you will definitely encounter at some point, so be prepared, and give yourself a break!

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