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The Problem Of Academic Writing In Modern Education

Academic writing in modern day education is facing a lot of problems. Students are taught using the wrong approach which does not help in writing development. Changing tactics will not only help students to develop their writing skills but positively affect their overall performance. Let's find out the academic writing service problems and the way forward.

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What Teachers Know Better

Let’s consider writing to be a two-dimensional process where the first is on getting ideas onto paper. In this case, mechanics are quite important. Making use of verbs, nouns, and adjectives appropriately are crucial in academic writing. But a good teacher isn't going to stop at teaching verbs, nouns, and adjectives alone. 

The teacher's aim besides grammatical development will be to make students have a better understanding of writing’s second dimension; dialogue between the writer and the reader. While reading a copy, the thoughtful pause one gets before flipping to the next page of a book or magazine, the cementing of a set of beliefs symbolizes the connection that writing ignites. 

There are people who will criticise this concept because they believe they can read a dry chemistry plagiarism free papers and still derive information they want. But the fact is even down to technical writing the writer still need to launch a dialogue with the reader. A scientific paper should not be dry when writing; there is a need for the writer to present information in a clear and engaging manner. 

The truth is not everyone writes with the mind of sharing information with others. Like for example, most poems written by Emily Dickson were published after her death. Franz Kafka also gave instructions for his work to be burnt when he dies. But still, his work was published. 

However, students should learn how to write in their own voice and clearly express words. They should know the nitty-gritty of diction, syntax and to be more audience conscious when writing.

A High-Tech Solution to the Writing Crisis

Teachers have an important role in solving academic writing thesis help but they have more challenges considering their workloads. From planning lessons, worrying about those who didn’t turn in their papers to producing copies of teaching materials it is obvious that teachers have a lot of tasks on their hands than just helping students develop their writing skills. 

However, using every available means, teachers need to be able to assist students in developing and expressing their ideas in writing. And with the heavy tasks on their hands, it is evident that technology can make things easier. 

The feedback between teachers and their students is crucial to the writers' development, such that if any program is undergoing development at the moment, it must take into consideration the teacher’s personal attention to the student. 

In fact, this human connection between teachers and their students is very vital. And neglecting it will not make any program developed as a solution to the academic writing problem to be effective. 

In addition, technology can be used to build their grammar skills. It can be when the teacher is attending to another student or during night hour when the student is alone working. 

The problem of academic writing can be solved with the right approach. And by identifying the problem, teachers and other educators can work to provide a solution. It is clear that technology can help in this regard. And if used the right way, technology can reduce the burden on teachers while solving academic writing problems.

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