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What You Need to Pack for a Long Road Trip

When we think of road trips, we imagine just bundling into the car with nothing but the clothes on our backs and hitting the road. But, we also picture ourselves having fun on our journey, being comfortable and safe and enjoying the experience. Unfortunately, the two don't always go together. Sometimes a fantastic road trip, that's fun and relaxing and where nothing goes wrong, requires a little planning, and a little more packing. Here's everything that you need for a long road trip. 


No road trip would be complete without quality music. Fortunately, you know longer have a choice between listening to the same CD on repeat for hours at a time or taking your entire CD collection with you. Most cars play music from your phone. So, start putting together your dream road trip playlist, including all of your old favorites as well as some driving classics. You could even make different playlists to suit your mood, the time of day, or where you are along your route. Then you just need to select the right one and enjoy. 

Snacks and Drinks 

Even if you plan to stop along the way to check out roadside eateries and street food, it's a good idea to take a few snacks and drinks with you to keep you going. You may also want to consider some more substantial choices in case you get stuck somewhere. 

Warm Clothes or Blankets 

You may be planning to sleep in motels or camp if your journey is going to take longer than a day. But, it's still a good idea to take blankets and warm clothes, even in a warmer climate, as it can get cooler at night. This is just in case you break down and are stuck for any length of time. 

Your Car Manual 

You should always perform some basic car checks and take it into a garage if there are any issues before your journey. Then, make sure you've got your manual (don't rely on the internet, you may not always have signal or charge) just in case anything goes wrong with your car. Sometimes even the most reliable engines have issues on long journeys. It can also be worth having a look at obd 2 scanners which can help you identify engine issues and fix minor problems yourself. 

A Map 

Most of us use sat nav for long, unknown journeys nowadays. This is fine, just make sure you program it correctly and make yourself familiar with the journey before you head out. But, it's a good idea to also take a map. Satellite navigation isn't always perfect, nor are devices, so having a good old-fashioned back up never hurts. 


Long road trips can start out relaxing and fun. They can be a chance to get some rest and to catch up with your travel companions. But, they can eventually get quite boring. Especially when you are driving and can't sleep. Games can help pass the time. There are countless car games out there, so remember the games of your childhood and find some new ones.


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