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Streamline Your Business, Save Money

Every company can encounter frictions and obstacles that need to be smooth out on the path to success. The secret of business growth is, ultimately, in the ability to constantly improve the effectiveness of the internal structure and process. Frictions can cost a lot of time and money, where a streamlined structure is both cost-cutting and time-saving. However, streamlining your business is a complex project that can’t be tackled without a strategy. It’s not only a matter of where you start, but also of what needs to be done and which areas can be significantly improved within the budget restrictions. If you’re new to the entrepreneur’s world, here are four questions to guide you through your streamline strategy. 

activity-based interior

Is this the office you’re looking for? 

Who says business, says offices. But could it be that your workplace is slowing your business down? Indeed, every year companies have to leave a workplace that doesn’t suit their needs, and that has incurred high maintenance costs. In order to avoid further costly frictions, it’s essential that you consider all the options available. If you decide to gather your workforce within a physical location, you need to plan for space, aka for growth when hiring or buying your premises. Similarly, signing an office lease can be an expensive decision if you fail to pay attention to the fine print. 

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Get rid of your boss issues 

Most companies don’t realize how much time they are wasting every day in skipping iteration processes. Indeed, too many companies assume that knowledge comes from the managerial position and goes down to the sub-level roles where the tasks can be assigned. As a consequence, the lack of iterative processes – you can find out more about this by following these lean online courses – means that there is no room for improvement in the cycle of operations. Obstructive and costly factors can’t be identified and removed. 

Can employees work as a team?

It doesn’t matter how much you value teamwork and cross-team cooperative. If your business structure doesn’t facilitate teamwork, you’re wasting a lot of money in team building workshops and team culture. Indeed, workplaces that don’t focus on activities but roles in their design can experience significant difficulties in creating an effective collaborative strategy. Consequently, an activity-based design is not just an interior trend for the office; it can help employees to share knowledge, skills and ideas productively. The bottom line is that employees should be mobile within the workplace so that they can get together with their project partners as they need. A variety of projects needs a variety of spaces. 

How easy is it for customers to buy? 

Every business that has a website needs to answer a simple question: Can customers easily buy or order from the website? An easy purchase is not a matter of offering a variety of solutions for customers to perform their transactions as quickly as possible. If the transaction form requests too much info, users are likely to drop out. If there are no straightforward payment options – you need at least online banking, Paypal, Bitcoin and card payments – users will buy from a competitor. 

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The bottom line is that a streamlined business is a business that reduces the risk of frictions and obstacles in its processes, whether it’s about picking the right office space or facilitating purchases. There’s no secret formula: Fewer frictions = more money.

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