Monday, February 20, 2017

How To Maximise Your Next Gaming Experience

Playing games isn’t just about the great outdoors anymore. The way technology has advanced in leaps and bounds is incredible to watch. In the past, we used to be told not to sit too close to the television screen, or we would get square eyes. Now, we have gaming masters creating virtual reality games that require a headset of screens right in front of your eyes – ironic, isn’t it!?

Anyway, gaming has come on so far that now the choices have moved from a game of rounders outside with a bat and a ball, to an online role-playing game experience (RPG) requiring two games monitors and a decent graphics card with your computer. Gaming can be expensive and it isn’t just the game you’ve paid for either, it’s the kit that comes with it! From graphics cards to headsets, the larger monitors you’d need for PC gaming and the extra memory cards, your games equipment can be as expensive as you need it to be. If you are willing to spend some bucks, then check out the top models mentioned on this page! 

Maximising your gaming experience is the only way to be able to enjoy the game and normally, games companies do this for us by upgrading their consoles or their games. Handheld consoles have gone from button pads to touchscreens for our convenience. Games consoles with controllers have gone wireless to allow us more comfort and distance from the screen. PC games have evolved to graphics that look almost realistic. You can save money on your tech upgrades by searching for the best deals, overclocking your video cards and backing up your game data onto external drives to have less burn-out on your graphics cards. If you want a little satisfaction and are a hardcore gamer, never pay full price for your PC games. Steam often have tons of games go on sale through the year so rather than get a brand-new game with a brand new price tag, just wait a little and watch the pennies at the same time. 

The Keys To A Strong Financial Strategy For Your Business

It might not be the be-all and end-all of your business. But there’s no denying that money is an essential factor in keeping any business going. Not only making it, but knowing how to use it. Even the most successful of startups can stumble because of mishandling their finances. In how they track them, how they protect them, and how they use them to create a better business. Here, we’ll look at how you should be using your business finances.

Be thorough in watching where your money goes 

This is an essential business finance practice, but there are many who keep their eyes off how their finances are running. You need to have a full understanding of your expenditures. Know your regular bills and track individual payments and expenses down to the penny. Every month, you should be looking at where you spent your money and how you might be able to spend less of it next month. Without constant review, it’s all too easy for certain expenditures to get out from under your feet, burning a hole in your bank account. To better track your finances, it’s a good idea to keep your personal money separate from your business account. You’ll be glad you did when tax season comes around, too.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

5 Things Employers Get Wrong All the Time

Running a business means being an employer. Unless you work for yourself and hire no one else, this is always the case. But there are some things that employers always seem to get wrong when it comes to managing a team. If you run a business, you need to ensure you don’t make these common mistakes. Read on to find out more about them now. 

1. Encouraging Teamwork 

Teamwork is something that is certainly very important in an office setting. There is no doubt about that. People need to be able to collaborate to produce the best results for the good of the business. That’s just the way it is. However, encouraging teamwork is something the employers often do terribly. Team building exercises tend to be formal wastes of time which no one enjoys. Instead of trying to force teamwork on people, encourage it more casually and naturally. That way, it won’t feel like people are being forced into it.

2. Firing Employees 

Firing people is something that is never very pleasant. Even if you have a valid reason for doing so, it can still be pretty tricky. You should always use the help of an employment law expert, such as Ellis Whittam, if you want to fire someone. You need to ensure that you are doing it for a valid reason. You could end up paying out compensation for unfair dismissal if you get this wrong. And that is very common these days. It’s also a good idea to look for ways to encourage employees, rather than instantly sacking them. 

3. Goal Setting for Staff Members 

Goals have to be set for your employees if you want them to do well and reach their full potential. That’s just the way it is. They give everyone something to set their sights on and aim for. That can be really useful, but only when it is done in the correct kind of way. If you set goals that are too high, as many business owners do, you will only succeed in demoralising the team. They will feel like too much is being asked of them, and they won’t even try to reach their targets.

Business On The Go: How Technology Has Changed How We Work

The never-ending march of technology has changed the way we all work. Rather than everyone having to be under the same roof, businesses are now finding a range of natural advantages to giving their staff freedom to work from wherever they choose. Laptops, tablets and smartphones mean that people are contactable 24/7, and realistically everything can be turned into an office from your cosy bed to your local coffee shop outlet.

Despite all this, a lot of businesses are still slow to embrace the trend. Trust is one of the key issues, but with many talented individuals now embracing flexible working ahead of salary increases, companies that have faith in their staff members are starting to reap the rewards.

Escaping the Office 

There’s still a level of distrust amongst both business owners and other employees about flexible working, but for office workers in particular, it just makes sense. Eliminating the daily commute and cutting out dead time are just two of the reasons workers love flexible working, while companies can find themselves saving thousands without the need for desk space. Some businesses are even looking at virtual offices, offered by companies like The Hoxton Mix. Ultimately, employees are more productive when their life is more balanced and they have the freedom to pursue other interests and spend time with their families. 

Farming For The Future: Protect Your Investment

Any farm owner, farm manager and farm worker will be able to tell you the same thing; agricultural equipment and machinery do not come cheap. It is a serious investment and one that can either make your break you. It can raise your bottom line or it can sink you. As such, it is important you do all you can to reduce the chances of anything going wrong so that you can maintain a steady production line that will increase your profits. 


One of the big machinery killers is the weather, and that is why it is imperative you store your most valuable machinery inside and away from harm. Not only will this protect your machinery and ensure that it runs at maximum capacity year after year, but it will also allow you to command a higher trade-in value if, and when, that time comes. But it isn’t just the trade-in value that you are looking after. A well stored machine will also save you money when it comes to repairs, or the time it has to spend being repaired, both of which can affect your wallet in a big way. To specify a bit more, good storage will have a direct and positive impact on certain vulnerable parts, such as belts, hoses, and tires. 

How Technology Can Streamline Your Business

Over the last few years in particular, technology has totally transformed the world of business. While many companies are quick to adapt to change, others are a little more slow on the uptake and find themselves falling behind. Technology often helps businesses to cut costs in a number of different areas. While some employees feel threatened by the march of technology, it should be used as a facilitator, rather than a way of replacing people. As the world continue to advance at a rapid pace, here are a few areas in which you could be making crucial savings for your business.

Phone Systems 

We all know about the importance of communication in any business, and technology has advanced this particular area at warp speed. Still, many companies have not updated their phone systems in many years. Modern systems have call forwarding options to various staff members’ mobiles, internet access and adaptable voice mail settings. This means that people are more contactable than ever before, making doing business more flexible than ever before. 


Many companies now use specific business software to handle their various accounting needs, streamlining the payroll, invoicing and payment functions of the business. It is now also possible for companies to sync their website product orders with their other sources of income. This helps to prevent any errors or duplications which may occur. Much of the top business software combines various functions that reduces the need for investing in various different ones. 

Doctor Or Nurse? You Decide

If you want to enter the medical industry and work in a hospital or a clinic, you really have two main options. You can either be a doctor, or you can be a nurse, and it’s entirely up to you on what choice you make here. Although there are certainly advantages and disadvantages of each option. Let’s take a look at a few and see which one could be ideally suited for you. 

No Time For Patients As A Doctor 

Yes, it’s true, as a doctor you’ll have very little time for patients interactions. In fact, essentially, you’ll spend about 90 seconds each day with one of your patients. That doesn’t give a lot of time for human interaction and is certainly not the picture medical dramas paint of the situation. 

Long Hours Low Pay 

Nurses on the other hand, often work for long hours, usually staying later than even the doctors and work for less pay. As a doctor, your salary can be anything all the way up to half a million a year. The highest position as a nurse will pay somewhere in the region of forty, thousand. 

No Degree Needed 

Although the main benefit of being a nurse might be the best option. As a nurse, you won’t need a degree. Instead, you can enter into the medical professional without the eight years of training and huge list of qualifications. You can jump right into helping people and your choices won’t be limited there. It’s even possible to be a midwife, delivering babies without a full doctor's degree. You can read more about that in the infographic below.

Have A Nice Day! How To Train Your Retail Staff

How To Treat The Customer Well 

Remind your retail staff that it’s important to be welcoming towards customers and to make eye contact with them and smile and greet them in whatever manner is your store policy. Although it’s great to be helpful towards customers, retail staff should not be too pushy or follow customers around – sometimes it’s nice to simply browse in stores without feeling as though retail staff are aggressively trying to sell products. Encourage your retail staff to rely on their instincts when they’re interacting with customers – be friendly but don’t go over the top, and remember that it’s important to give them a little breathing space. Remember that older customers may be frail and require a little extra help and kindness.

How To Use Technology 

There’s very little that makes you feel more uncomfortable than not understanding how to use technology at work, unless it’s not knowing how to use technology in front of an audience. Every store has a different till system and even though you might have used your NCR counterpoint system to the point where you’re dreaming about it at night, you need to remember that new technology can be confusing and difficult to a new employee, particularly if a customer is standing there looking at them. Don’t leave them alone behind the cash desk until they’re completely confident. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Madonna’s “uncomfortable questions” During Petition to Adopt Malawian Twins

Being one of the biggest pop stars in the world is not an excuse for Madonna to experience some uncomfortable questioning during her petition to adopt her Malawian twins. 

I think it’s safe to say that the singer charmed the Malawian adoption judge by her selfless answer when she was asked questions because the judge somehow feels like Madonna might be “robbing” the country’s greatest assets, which are the children. During the petition, Madonna was asked by Judge Fiona Mwale about her age, her health, her celebrity status and her motivation for wanting to adopt the twins, when she already has 4 kids of her own, with two of them also adopted from Malawi.

Madonna answered, "There is no doubt that the petitioner can offer the infants not only the best money can buy, but also guidance with a high likelihood of ensuring that the two infants grow to be self-sufficient adults… [Madonna] is motivated by her desire to offer a home, love, protection and guidance to the infants." 

Extra Cash? Here’s What To Do With It

Now, we’re not saying we’re too familiar with the idea, but from time to time you might find that you’ve got a little extra cash than normal. Perhaps you received a bonus from work, perhaps you got a windfall inheritance from a family member, or perhaps you’ve managed to sell one of your larger assets. It’s all good and well, we’re sure, to have some money burning a hole in your bank account, but what on earth should you do with it? Luckily, there are a few tried and tested areas where you can put your money. Here’s a few of the most common (and one that’s the most rewarding).

Save It For Your Retirement 

If you’re at a loss as to where to spend your money, then why spend it all? It’s not going to anywhere if you don’t spend it the first day you get it (and it’s unlikely to disappear ever unless something goes drastically wrong in Donald Trump’s America...yikes). Instead, keep it in a savings account and wait until you’re retired. It’ll take the stress of saving a portion of your monthly wage away, and you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing you have the cash for that cruise in the Arctic you always wanted to go on!