Monday, May 22, 2017

Helping Your Child With The Stress Of Moving Home

Moving home can be hard for all of us, but if you have children, the upheaval can be especially stressful for them. They may not have been involved in making the decision to move, so there could be a lot of anger and resentment. While they may not fully understand why you are leaving, there are ways in which you can alleviate their stress. 

1. Inform your children as early as you can about the move so they can begin to adjust to the idea. 

2. As children need familiarity and routine, the idea of moving somewhere unknown could cause them fear and anxiety. Put their minds at ease by telling them as much as you can and answer any questions they have honestly. 

3. If you are moving a distance away, show your children photographs of the new home and location. This will get them used to the idea that the move is real and provide a knowledge of where they are moving to. If you are moving nearby, take them to see the home and explore the new destination. There may be some great facilities nearby that will attract your child’s attention. 

4. When it comes time to pack toys, clothes, and furniture away, involve your children in the packing process. If you have very young children, be sure to tell them that they will see their belongings soon, whether they are being taken away by interstate removalists or just in the back of your car. It may be worth for keeping back a few toys for your child to have with them on the journey. 

When Good Business Planning Goes Bad

There’s nothing worse than being a meticulous planner and having things go wrong, but it’s even harder when you’re a business owner trying to make it! Every business has their difficulties, but a solid business plan can help you out of most of them. When things go wrong in a business, it’s because a business plan wasn’t adhered to, or written at all. 

A lot of small start-ups don’t understand the importance of sticking closely to a business plan. The business planning cycle of today is as intricate as it is vital for the survival of a new company. Strategy that isn’t executed correctly happens to most businesses, but if you want to create a solid business foundation, follow our five business plan tips to stop your business from falling apart! 

Focus on the customer – not you. Your business may be your baby, but it’s all about the customer. Your focus needs to lie with the customer first before anything else instead of how they fit your company goals. You need to meet the needs of the customer and you should fashion your business plan around that. Customers are constantly bombarded with what they should be buying every single day – so make it easy for them to choose what you can offer. 

Get your finances straight. Business plans need clear, concise forecasts showing projected profit and loss and where you plan to get your financing from. If you have finances in place, show this alongside debtor finance options to help you bridge the gap between invoicing clients and clients paying you. This way, you will never be left out of pocket. If your finances are straight and forecasted correctly, then you will have a much easier time of things when it comes to approaching the bank for financial backing! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

3 Signs You Know A Modern-Day Luddite (And How To Cope With Them!)

The Luddites were a section of the working class who, in the 18th and 19th centuries, set about destroying machinery that was taking work from them. They fought against the Industrial Revolution that was denying them jobs, and though they lost, their name has gone down in history to signify an attitude that is resistant to change and modernization. 

How many Luddites do you know? 

Okay, so they’re probably not out and about destroying machinery or protesting outside of an Apple store - but they do still exist. For those of us who have seen the advent of the Digital Age and responded with a big “yes please!”, there’s nothing more frustrating than a modern Luddite, a technophobe. It can mean a huge clash of cultures over something some basic but which has, over time, become so fundamental. 

Do you think you know a modern-day Luddite? Maybe you do! After all, they all tend to give off the same signs and sayings… 

#1 - “People Are On Their Phone Too Much These Days!” 

The idea that we all use our phones non-stop is a favorite of the modern-day Luddite. This is despite the fact that phones have replaced a huge amount of technology; it’s not like we’re all just playing games all day. 

Okay, it’s not like we’re only playing games all day. 

A smartphone is not just a phone or a portal to the internet. It’s a calendar, an alarm clock, a schedule, a way to track your health, and a method of managing your financial affairs. Everyone is ‘always on their phone’ because our lives tend to be on our phones now - it’s just the device that gives us access to them! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Boredom Busting Websites

Despite the fact we all live busy lives, there are still times when we get bored. The latest superhero film doesn’t appeal, we’ve finished watching that new Netflix show and the websites we usually visit are starting to look very samey – what to do? Check out some of these great boredom busting websites and those dull moments will be a thing of the past… 


TED is without a doubt one of the best websites on the web right now. Packed with around 2000 videos of the most interesting and informative talks you are every likely to hear, there’s something there for everyone. Whether you’re into future technologies, mental health or charitable giving, you’ll find something to keep your attention for a while. 

Difference Between 

Difference Between is one of those websites that you should have bookmarked for those moments between tasks when you want to take a little break and perhaps learn an interesting fact or two. As the name of the site would suggest, this website is all about illustrating the difference between two things, like Nation and Country or Socialism and Communism. It’s a lot of fun, and it might just make you smarter. 

Life Lessons You Learn at the Blackjack Table

You might think that blackjack is nothing more than a simple card game, a bit of fun where, if you’re lucky you might double your money and leave the table victorious. However, the game of blackjack can be a lot more than that. When you play the game, there are a number of important life lessons that will flash before your eyes. Here’s what you can learn from a humble game of blackjack: 

Don’t Go in With Your Eyes Closed 

When you’re playing the game of blackjack at the casino, it is important that you know the rules, you have an idea of what to expect, and you go in armed with tips and tricks to help you beat the house and increase your number of chips. This is an important life lesson, which can be applied to everything from going prepared to a job interview to knowing how to play the stock market before you invest your money. If you do your research, prepare yourself for success and have a good idea of what’s coming, you’ll do much better in life. 

Making A Little More Money From Home, Without Further Employment

It’s a pleasant feeling to earn money as a side to your job. If you work at home, you’re probably not prescribed to set hours, but if you are, you can likely structure your day how you’d like in some regard. This gives you a huge opportunity to supplement your income using some tested, reliable methods that anyone who can navigate software user interfaces can accomplish. Some of them might even give you other benefits, as explained in the following article. 

Some people enjoy winning money through sites such as Foxy Bingo. Others enjoy selling their cluttered goods. The most popular methods that people adopt are as follows: 

Freelancing (Without Employment) 

Freelancing doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re working for a freelancing agency. It can mean taking on odd jobs. It can mean providing wedding photo touch-ups from your home desktop for your cousin. It’s best to register as a self-employed firm and have a business contact number so people can contact you and make official payments to you. You may also be able to get a tax write off if you earn a significant amount of income through your side hustle. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

What Businesses Could You Run From Home?

Running a business from home could be a dream, or it could be a nightmare. The fact is this - running your very own business from the comfort of your own homes comes with a set of specific rules. You need to be dedicated, disciplined, a hard worker and productive. Perhaps more so than if you were working in an office environment. Working from home asks a lot from us and our abilities. The home is a very unique environment for work - that much is true and some can thrive while others find it difficult to succeed from within their own four walls and a roof. Some businesses aren't suitable to run from home - now a lot are, but some ideas need space to breathe. If you are unable to be productive in your home environment, then every single idea for a home business is going to be a bad one. Not because working from home is bad, but because of your attitude. That being said, there are some ideas that will thrive in the open world, while others will be suitable for home working. It all does come down to what type of person you are - will you be able to find success working from home, or will distractions cripple your productivity? 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Helping Yourself Develop: Making Sure That Your Startup Is As Synergistic As Possible

If you’re a new startup owner, there’s a lot to consider. How to find the best suppliers, how to manufacture your product safely, and how to chart realistic growth goals are just some. However, articles like this one, promoting the ‘best ways’ to open and run a startup can actually only serve to make you afraid of making a mistake. It can be easy to fall into the feeling that you need to get everything right the first time, and that there’s zero flexibility when it comes to making mistakes. 

This feeling, while somewhat well intentioned, can end up harming even the most capable startup creator. It can lead to them overdoing tasks that don’t need to have so much thought put in them in the first place. It can lead to a difficulty effectively managing a workforce. It can mean that you separate all of your interlocking functionings, meaning that you have disparate elements of your machine working in the wrong ways, as opposed to working together. Make sure you follow these two items to improve the synergy in your startup, to give yourself the easiest operational workflow possible. 

Bustin' The Ghosts In The Machine

In any industry now, the state of your machinery is vital to your staff’s productivity. Starting a business in manufacturing or engineering means that you are placing such a reliance on the machinery’s ability to work, that you'd better have every known method of precaution in place. You'd be hard-pressed to think of any business that doesn’t use tech in one way or another, which is why you need to look after the equipment like it is a member of staff. But so many companies don’t even think about this. A ghost in the machine will have a massive impact on your business, and if you are a fresh new company, you need to get a system in place for your systems to work properly. 

The first thing to think about is a maintenance schedule. This is vital if you have purchased used equipment. While most machinery comes with its own schedule, you need to put your own in place. The key to a healthy workplace is prevention, and by helping to prolong the shelf-life of your equipment, you are prolonging the business output. The safety of your employees is all about regular checks and making sure that the equipment is fit for purpose. Even the basic instruments your employees use on a daily basis will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Using a certified calibration service is so important to maintaining the basic equipment that it can be a bit of an oversight on occasion. Calibrating all of the basic instruments is vital otherwise all of the measurements will be out of sync and the amount of time it would take to reset the machinery will equate to a big loss! So be sure to look after your equipment regardless of how recent the safety checks occurred.

Save Or Splurge? How To Invest In Beauty

Beauty is one of those areas that we either love or hate. Some love shoes and handbags, others love beauty products. When you’re a beauty addict, it can be easy to spend endless amounts of money on all kinds of lotions and potions. However, when you struggle to find anything you like or have a bad experience, beauty can seem like an area you want to stay away from. Whether you’re buying too much to know which products or best or you’re too scared to find out, take a look at the places to save on and the ones to splurge. 


It’s always, always, always worth investing in a good moisturizer. Preparing your skin is always important because it forms the base of your makeup. Alongside cleansing, you should never skip the moisturizing process. If you struggle with different skin concerns, ensuring that your skin is both clean and hydrated could help you. First of all, you’re going to want to find out your skin type, and then invest in the best product to help you beat your problems. 


In recent years, eyelashes have been getting more and more attention in the beauty world. First, there were false lashes that you could stick on to get extra length or volume. Then, came the extensions. Eyelash extensions can be a great investment if you lack in either volume or length, or want to be able to be able to speed up the makeup process in the mornings. Alternatively, you might find that LVL procedure, which tints and curls your own lashes, is a little more natural and easier to maintain.