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Wish: To have a computer

desktop computerWe feel so much difference now that we are in the second semester in our life as a third year student. We are still in Prelim, but we already have so much things to do. My whole system responded strangely because of the challenges and pressures. Yes, I admit that I am already used to what we called as "sleepless nights" but this time around, it is nothing compared to our previous years in college where we still can do a lot of relaxation and we can just do the task a night before the submission.

The whole class will be under my new leadership for a certain project [this is my first time]. Hoping that they will responsibly do their task and cooperate with me because we don't want to repeat the mistakes that had happened over the past. I also feel that there is an in dire need for me to have a computer now. I love programming subjects so much [ we are exploring the world of Visual Basic 6 now], I want to venture myself into the world of designing also [ Computer Graphics Application subject] and I also love to develop my communication and writing skills and at the same time earn that's why I am blogging.

I can still manage to be hopping in the different houses of my classmates and friends, going home late and no sleep, sometimes going to school not taking a bath and waiting for the time they will be finish with the task just for me to use the computer. But I think as time flies and I will be reaching my senior year, I must have a computer already. I want to give so much time practicing and developing my skills because I want to become a successful IT professional someday [sigh].

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