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MTV Spoof, PSITS 2006

It was one of the happiest day of my life.

When we had our presentation for the MTV Spoof, PSITS 2006. It was an experienced that melted my heart as a performer when I heard that the crowd were going crazy over us and when they were just having so much fun.

An experienced I will truly cherish.

Dah, ningtukar napud akong pagka Drama Queen oi. Pasagdi. Pabaga jud ko nawong that time bah. To the highest level ang performance jud bisag dili preparado sa costume. Mao nato ang gitagna!

Check out the video. ( Thanks to Dacky for the link) By the way, I am the one who was wearing the black jeans and the lady at the center (hehehehhee). Enjoy!

*Update: Video is no longer available, I will try to ask a copy again from my classmate.


  1. You rock gurl! Ipagawas jud ang talent...:)... Merry Christmas!

  2. hi. thanks for ur commet to me
    merry christmas.. write me back

  3. wow! hanep.. ang galing mo naman sumayaw grabe inggit ako! namis ko tuloy ang comsci days.. anyway, buti ka pa may extra talent ala ako nyan e. hehe.. galing! *hats-off*

  4. hehehe...da best jud to...hawod jud ka ana dai...well, Congrats...Merry Christmas!


  5. thankyou so much
    let's keep in touch^^

  6. @sweetie: heeehehe, i remember those high school days. I was very active...

    @saki: hello, thank you also for visiting my blog. Don't ya worry i will add you in my blogrolls.

    @jona: hindi naman oi..basta marunong lang..heheehhe

    @grace: thanks grace...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! Love and kisses...


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