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fun-filled nights


It was my first time to go to Jones Beach Resort. The place was super nice. Although the Clan B were not all present yet we still had so much fun. Three persons whom we never expect to come were present during that night and they were Ken, Joy and Jopals. We enjoyed a lot especially in the games.

Christmas Night.

We went to our dean's house. Food? super great especially the Menudo. After that, we drank Vodka [my first time] and had a washing of Red Horse. [Ako ang tagatagay]. Someone who was so drank was just so cute that time. We were having so much fun listening to him as he owns the floor.

Thanks to sir Jerry! I thought vodka will get me tipsy but I was wrong because I am still blogging at this very hour, with no sleep pa. :)


  1. nice reunion! kmi din my reunion hehe pero sana hindi aq malacg haha!

  2. @l.a. huwag mo lang damihan ang pag-inom para hindi ka malasing.

    @ang-ang: salamat sa pagbisita


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