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Happy to be a Link2Support CSR

Link2Support logoWhen the result was given last Friday, I couldn't believe that I passed. I was silent for a couple of minutes trying to put into my realization that it was really true, that I make it! My heart was jumping with so much joy and at the back of my mind was the thought saying, "Prayers can really move mountain" and I almost cry.

I am just so thankful for those wonderful people who prayed for me. They are my mother and the RVM sisters who even celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the intention just for me during our call simulation day.

I was no longer expecting to tell you honestly although I did try my best.

The training was very tough especially on my part. I thought after we passed in the initial interview, the two sets of exam (for communication and technical) and the panel interview, we will no longer worry for our training.

But during our American Accent training, I felt that I was the least among all the trainees. I committed a lot of mistakes with my pronunciation and I almost give up. I once asked myself if it was really the real me? I was silent, unconfident, insecured, intimidated and paranoid. Yes, because in our classroom I am bubbly but during the communication skills training my mouth was zipped almost all the time . I just speak when it will be my turn to do the pronunciation. Everytime I go home, I sleep early because of the stressed it gave me. The next morning I already had headache, stomachache and I feel that I am super drained. The only thing that keeps me going was the thought that the training will benefit me a lot and I should do the things that I am not confident of.

And It is my way of doing an extra mile for the things that I used to hate.

Good thing in our last day, we had a role playing. Ms. Dee was surprised of my acting skills. Hehehehe. We won and she gave me a special prize which is toblerone. It made me so happy especially when she commented, "You have improved" and in one of my pronunciation activity I got, "Very Good" remark. The feeling was extremely hard to describe because it was not the usual comment that I received.

After the 4 days American Accent Training I was a bit happy because we will now be in the technical skills. I am quite confident because we will have a greater edge compared to the communication arts students. But when our trainer told us that we will not do stuff like configuring the routers and other troubleshooting I was kinda sad. We will just have basic of netwoking and he said we will just redirect our client to a certain website. Sounds easy? But it wasn't because we will have to qualify our customer and should familiarize ourselves with the different Linkys devices.We have to picture out their network environment and do a bit of troubleshootings. And the hardest part is handling irate customers.

Call Simulation Day. I got the number one spot when we had draw lots. I am very fortunate right? After the call, Sir Macoy discussed my mistakes. Although I had many but I feel that they were just minute (as in little) what is important was I have able to solve the problem. I am proud with what I did. I never thought I could do it. I will just have to believe in myself.

Actual Calls. I was the second one to receive the call. I was about to transfer her call to the next level technician when the call gets disconnected. A bit sad about it. In the afternoon, Sir Macoy told us that we will be listening to our calls but unfortunately we only listened to the call that I had. Azzz in, ako na naman ang example? It kinda made me excited and sad. Excited because I will be able to hear my voice and sad because I know for sure that my mistakes will be the topic of the discussion. You know, I was really sensitive with my mistakes.

So how was the call turn out to be? My verdict was just okay. I had to work on with my American Accent accent because it was a bit syllabic and I was a bit slow but its good to hear to my voice on the actual call (hehe). Then the moment of truth...where I mentioned in the first part of my post....

There were a lot of lessons that I learned:

There is really that luck factor.
There is that head turner thing but in case you don't have that one show them your talent. If in case you are just an average or an underdog, show the best of your ability and that you have improved more importantly the right attitude. If in case you have talent, don't be too confident. Show respect to the trainer. Behave. Don't question. Everything happens for a reason.

Now, I will be officially having my OJT in Link2Support Davao branch. Good luck to my journey!


  1. congratz alms, i'm sure it would be a stepping stone towards a better future :)

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  3. waaa..alms.. congrats... kabalo ko kaya na nimo, ikaw love u almss

  4. @raine and araphoenix: salamat au sa inyo duha ha. Hehehehe.

    @jerome: I already added you in my links. Thank you also!

  5. woot woot!
    kelan lang kayo nagstart ng training nyo?
    ka-batch mo ba yung si Gelo na taga-Ateneo?
    ahead yata kayo samin eh.
    kami yung nasa Training Room A ^_^

  6. @avy: Oist, surprise ako napunta ka sa blog ko. Hindi ko kabatch iyong ateneo student. Sabay kami lahat ng mga uic student. We started our training after the holyweek. Link2Support ka rin pla? Nakakahiya naman oi, hehehehhe nabasa mo entry ko. ehheheheh. Bibisita ako sa blog mo. ehhehehehe

  7. Congratulations! Learn from your mistakes, stay confident and always keep your eyes focused on Jesus!

  8. ;-)
    I'm happy for you!
    Good luck on your future endeavours.

    visit my blog too!

  9. I've tagged you to my meme, see it on my blog..

  10. @shawn: thank you very much for your message. I really like it.

    @ kenneth. Thank you also. Don't worry i will visit your blog and leave comments in your posts.

    @araphoenix: hehehehe, human nako buhat sa meme.

  11. hey guys!!! pls. excuse me with my question but i'm just curious,, HOW MUCH IS TEH START-UP SALARY MY LINK2SUPPORT SA DAVAO?? i'm planning to move to davao na kasi eh,,, more on technical ba ang account jan?

  12. @anonymous: i asked someone from the CSR department and she said that the starting pay is 5000 but you can earn as much as 10,000-15,000 because of the incentives. I find the job a bit easy, hindi naman masyadong technical.

  13. hello.

    salamat pud te.
    ai, congrats pud diay..mski la q ka.relate atong post nmu bout atong link2suport atah toh. hehe..

    congrtas agen..

    ahwtz,.lamat pud sa saq sa imu link te.

    cge2..maningkamot saqg pa.increase saq index..

    kisafe. :D

  14. welcome to the twilight community! hope you enjoyed your toblerone! :)


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